This thing that we have (Narry)

(Not famous in the story) '"I don't want you to go harry" that was the last thing Niall Horan said to me. That was 6 years ago. We were best friends. Until I had to move because of my Dad's job. I bet he doesn't even remember me, but I remember him. I'll find out soon enough.'
I'm not giving anything else away.. you'll just have to read the story..


2. Back

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It's been 6 years since I last spoke to Niall Horan. Every time I asked to call him my Dad just ignored me. He became really distant after a few years in Australia and eventually we found out he'd been cheating on my Mother with a waitress from some diner near the beach. It didn't upset me as much as it should have done, I'm really not close with my Dad. Our father-son relationship went downhill when he took me away from my old life. It has been 6 years and everyone in Cheshire has probably forgotten about boring old Harry Styles. Well, I guess I'll find out soon.

My mum and dad got divorced 2 days ago and tomorrow me and mum are getting on a plane back to England, we're going to live with my gran until mum can get back on her feet. Dad didn't really leave much to her name. Gemma has her own house in Australia so she decided to stay here with her fiance. I hate it here. I've got nothing against the country, it's just the fact that I could have spent six years in Cheshire with Niall instead of six years in Australia being a loner. I was a loner by choice though. I promised niall I would never replace him and I sure as hell kept that promise. It just hurts that he never tried to call me. I wrote letters and stuff but he never replied. I guess he didn't care as much as I did. I stopped with the letters about two years ago, I wonder if he noticed? When I get back to Cheshire I wonder if he'll look the same? I don't. My hair is all curly now and I'm pretty buff, I guess when you don't have friends you have time to go to the gym a lot.


-----2 days later-----

I'm lying in my bed with that sick feeling in my stomach. I don't know whether it's excitement or just raw dread. I'm scared. Scared of seeing him. He won't remember me. What if he replaced me? It wouldn't surprise me. It's been 6 years, I'm just a small piece of his past he doesn't care about anymore.



"Niall school starts in 3 minutes I really think you're pushing your limits." 

I groan and roll over in bed to see my mum at the door.

"Fine." I get up and she shuts the door.

I hate the first day of school. Year 11. The last year before sixth form. I can't wait to get out of high school. It's not that I get bullied or anything, I just have these memories when I go there. Everytime I remember, my heart feels like it's getting pounded by a hammer. You see, 6 years ago Harry Styles, my best friend in the whole world was ripped from my life. The only friends I've had since are Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and zayn malik because harry told them to 'look after me'. They are really protective but I guess they need to be with the extra attention I receive. I'm gay. So I'm a really easy target. I've never liked girls and I had a really big crush on Michael Jackson until he died, which still upsets me. Only Harry knew about that but we didn't even know about 'gay' back then. If it wasn't for the boys I'd probably be black and blue so I'm grateful. They just don't compare to Harry. I try to forget about him like he forgot about me. My mum said when she called Anne's number it said the number didn't exist and that's the only number we had. We didn't have any address and they never answered my mum's emails. It hurts me so much to think about what Harry said that last day 'see you soon'. Yeah, how long is soon Harold? I really need to get over him, he isn't here and he never will be, he ran away from me.

I decide to dress remotely okay for the first day. I choose some black skinny jeans and an old band top that's probably Greg's but I don't think he'll mind.

I run downstairs seeing I'm already late and run through the door, I'll regret not having breakfast later.


--a while later--

I finally get to my first class seeing I've already missed registration. It took me a while because I had to get my new timetable but I'm here.

I walk into the class and here a few giggles and I look at Louis who is giving me a weird look, like he knows something. I'll ask him later.

"Ah, how nice of you to grace us with your presence mr horan. What's the excuse today? Aliens?" Mr cowell jokes, he's my favourite teacher.

I just laugh and sit in my old place.

After a few minutes I get a note on my desk from behind me. I don't bother to look back I just open it.

'are you seriously not seeing him?!?!?!"

I could tell the handwriting was louis' But I had no idea what he was on about. What does that even mean? Seeing who?

I turn the paper over and scribble my reply.

"Louis what are you even talking about you're so weird x'

I sigh and throw the note over my head.

It comes back sooner than I expected. But this isn't louis' handwriting. I don't know who's it is, but it's oddly familiar.

'Remember me." And a little picture of a bird I think it's a sparrow? I'm not sure.

I'm really confused. Just as I'm about to write something, the bell goes.

"I'm expecting the homework next lesson, no exceptions, not even you harry!" I stare at him in shock as the rest of the students leave the room. Did he just say harry? But there's no Harry in this class. I'm now the only student in the class.

"Mr Cowell did you say h-harry?" I stutter slightly.

He smiles a knowing smile "harry and his mum moved back yesterday. He asked about you this morning. You should go find him." 

I just stare and I think I'm going to cry. I have this euphoric feeling in the pit of my stomach, like butterflies having rough sex multiplied a thousand. My harry. He's back.


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