If We Ever Meet Again

He said we would pick up where we left off, if we ever meet again. It was a promise we both made. I never thought we would meet again, or in this way. And I never ever thought he would be my boyfriend's best friend.


14. tired of chasing you

Kylas Pov

I enter Zayn's room, and there he is lying on he bed face down. Um, "Hey," I say.

Zayn says, "Kyla-"

I cut him off, "Zayn, what you did was unacceptable! Most couples who go through that break up..."

"Kyla! I know what I did was stupid. I was just so mad, and I know that's no excuse, but we could get through this. I know deep inside your heart, you could forgive me, and I know that will take time to forgive me, but I can wait. For you, I would do anything. Kyla, I love you." he said

"Zayn I love you and always will, but what hurt me the most wasn't the slap or the bruises, but the fact that you didn't even let me explain! You didn't trust me Zayn and trust is key in all relationships. I know you're sorry for what you did and I accept the apology, but that does not mean I forgive you. I need time. But just know that I will never stop loving you Zayn."

He came closer to give me a kiss. He leaned down, considering that I'm shorter than him, and I stood a little bit on my tippy-toes and gave him a quick kiss. I knew he wanted more, but that was all he's getting tonight.

We hugged for a long time. Then I gave him another kiss, I missed his lips so much. They never fail to bring butterflies to my stomach. Just as my lips were on his, guess who walked in...


"Of course you go back to him! But you know what, that's not my problem anymore. I'm tired of being the shoulder to cry on. I'm tired of chasing you. You're not even worth it!" He said while storming out the room.

His words hurt... a lot.

"Louis! Wait!" I called after him, but Zayn holds me back.

"Shhhh, he's the one not worth it." He said while hugging me while I sob into his arms. 


I missed this. I missed Us.

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