If We Ever Meet Again

He said we would pick up where we left off, if we ever meet again. It was a promise we both made. I never thought we would meet again, or in this way. And I never ever thought he would be my boyfriend's best friend.


3. Please explain

"Please explain," Zayn said.

"We dated," Louis smugly said.

"WHAT!" Zayn screamed.

"We dated, you heard me." Louis said. You could see the anger in Zayn's eyes.

"Is it true?" he asked.

"Yes," I said, "But not really because we um... um, we we just um we just dated, you


"No, I don't know. that literally made no sense whatsoever." Zayn said.

"But dont worry, I love you and only you." I said

"Aww, I love you too." he said.

"Awww," i said we kissed, until Louis cleared his throat.

"So," Harry started, "Who is going to formally introduce us to this lovely lady?"

"I will!" Louis started, "Her full name is Kyla Imani Jones. She used to always

eat Birthday cake oreos from what i remember. She has wavy brown hair, that she brushes 

through with a conn air brush. she washes her hair twice a week, on mondays and

hump days. She loves green, and never leaves the house without looking

in the mirror. She loves to sing dance and act and is very good at it. Her favorite word

is taco. Her favorite Jonas brother is Nick. Her dog is named Hampton and she had 48 

followers on Twitter and it looks like its gone up to about 3 million." finished, "Oh yeah

and she loves food!"

"AMEN!" Niall screamed.

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