If We Ever Meet Again

He said we would pick up where we left off, if we ever meet again. It was a promise we both made. I never thought we would meet again, or in this way. And I never ever thought he would be my boyfriend's best friend.


7. jokes

I got changed and so did he and we kissed one more time and I ran downstairs.

"Uhhhh, Oh ZAAAAAYYYN! I'm I'm close!" Harry screamed.

"Ohh Zayn Faster harder! Ohh!" Niall screamed.

"Oh babe I'm almost there! Ohhhhhhhh!" Liam screamed.

Louis stood there quietly. 

"Shut up, at least I can get some!" I said.

"But not some of this!" Harry sassily said.

"Oh yeah!" i whispered to him sending shivers down his spine. 

"Well," Niall said, "did you enjoy it?"

"That is for me to know and for you to fantasize about ;)" I said.

"Boys, that's enough teasing!" Liam said.

"Thank you Liam." I said.

"Your welcome, you need it. There gonna be up in your business for the rest of your time here.

So, watch out."

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