If We Ever Meet Again

He said we would pick up where we left off, if we ever meet again. It was a promise we both made. I never thought we would meet again, or in this way. And I never ever thought he would be my boyfriend's best friend.


2. Happier than ever

Kyla's pov

Its been two years and me and my boyfriend Zayn are happier than ever. I love him with all

of my heart, and he makes me feel like a princess.

*ring ring*

"Hey boyfriend," i said.

"Hello, girlfriend," he said in his thick Bradford accent.

"Guess where I am?" Zayn said.

"Where?" I screamed getting excited.

"Doncaster!" he said.

"OMG!" I screamed,"what hotel????" 

"The one right near your house with the really long name!" he said.

"You mean the Bleepdoblopdeblam! I'll be over in 5!" I screamed.

Luckily, I was already dressed, so i ran outside, then ran to the hotel. The security

didn't stop me cause i was too fast. I ran to the top floor and opened the first door I saw.

"ZAYN" I screamed.

"KYLA!"zayn screamed.

"KYLA?"Louis screamed

"LOUIS?" I screamed

"LOUIS!?" Zayn screamed.

"LOUIS!" Louis screamed

"ZAYN?" I screamed.

"BAAABRRAA." says harry. (for those of you who've seen This is us, you would 


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