If We Ever Meet Again

He said we would pick up where we left off, if we ever meet again. It was a promise we both made. I never thought we would meet again, or in this way. And I never ever thought he would be my boyfriend's best friend.


17. Cleaning

Today my good friend, Ella is coming over and I have to keep this mess of a place clean. Those messy boys! It doesn't take a lot for them to clean a little. 

I can't get my mind off of Louis. He's been so distant. He doesn't come over often, he skips band meetings, he doesn't even go to football (soccer) games with us anymore, and he's been in his room a lot. I don't know what happened but Louis changed.

My Louis changed.


At least everything with Zayn has been great. He really is trying to prove his point that he really is sorry and I appreciate that.


Beep Beep

I got interrupted from my thoughts. by my phone ringing.


Be there in 5. -Ella <3


KK :) -Kyla

I can't wait to catch up with her. I haven't seen her in months! Being around these boys had made me really want some girl time with my bestie.


Ding Dong.


My thoughts got interrupted by the doorbell.


Filler Chapter


Sorry it's so short! Writer's Block

What do you think Ella will look like?

I feel like I should talk to you guys more often. I'll keep doing author's notes if you want!

Who likes this book? I'm really proud of it!


Love you guys! <3 







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