Scariest place on earth...

When 8 classmates went on a field trip to DisneyLand... They didn't expect to put their lives at risk.


2. This can't be possible...

I refuse to believe what I was seeing. I must be dreaming...

"N-now what do we do?" I turned to look at Rolando.

"We should explore the park to see if we can find someone that could help us."

"Are you sure there's going to be another living soul standing around here?"

"Pfft, there has to be. The rest of the class is still here, aren't they?"

I sighed. "I guess..."

"Alright, listen up!" - Rolando shouted to grab everyone's attention.- "Let's walk around the park to see if we can find any help. To make this less risky, we won't divide ourselves into groups. Just try to keep put and don't separate from the pack."

"Will that even work?" A girl named Anna asked.

"Eehh, maybe." He shrugged.


We had no other choice but to do as we were advised to. We all went in direction to Tomorrowland. It was basically based off the movies Toy Story and Star Wars. 'Stars Tours: The Adventure Continues' was close, the entrance blocked by police tape that read CAUTION on it. I peeked inside to everything destroyed. The screens cracked and the robots disabled. What happened in here?

"Do the rides still work even though it's abandoned?" A boy named Cameron asked, passing his fingers over the gate that let you enter the rollercoaster in front of us.

"Who knows... They probably still do." I awnsered. I looked over at the ride 'Space Mountain'. There was no one in line to get in. "Dude... The line is empty to enter Space Mountain." I told Rolando. He shrugged "So?"

"Why don't we go in?"

"Why should we?"

"It might be fun! Just because it looks dead and lifeless doesn't mean it's stopped working."

"Alright... But just this once."

I smiled wide. "Yes!" I cheered.

"Yo guys! Who wants to ride Space Mountain with us?" I asked the very few students.

"Dude, it's probably broken. I don't think it'll work." Chance denied. He was always a pessimist.

"Try it yourself. If it doesn't work, then we'll leave." I said.

He raised an eyebrow. He sighed. "Whatever." He stood next to me.

"Anyone else?"

The rest didn't want to stay without a guide, so they simply shook it off and decided to ride with us.

We walked towards the ride, avoiding the thing that people use to keep the line in order. As we entered, the robots blurted weird things like 'S-Self destruction' and 'Die. Die. Die'... It was truly terrifying. There wasn't many, which was a small relief. The walls were decorated with broken wires and hunged bodys. From the corner of my eye, I can see the other girls hugging each other for protection.

Crank. Crink.

The vehicle used for the ride slowly moved. It screeched until it stopped right in front of us. I exchanged looks with Rolando before getting on cautiously. My classmates did the same. We put on our weak seatbelts on, waiting for it to start.

"Hold tight, kids." A scratchy, deep voice spoke, chuckling deviously.

"What the-" I blurted out but was cut off by the ride taking off at the speed of light. I gripped on the handle as tight as I could.

My heart raced.

The world seemed to go in circles in such a rapid pace.

I could here everyone else screaming at the top of their lungs and praying for it to be over. I won't lie, I thought I was going to die too.

The ride went side ways, in loops, up, down, in the most craziest ways possible!

Lights flashed on and off the whole time.

"Is this ever going to end?!" I heard Rolando yell.

At that very moment, the vehicle came to a stop. The exit doors opened beside us automatically.

"Thank you and have a terrific day here in Disneyland... Or should I say Horrorland!" The evil voice laughed.

My eyes widen once more. I gulped and got off the ride. I looked over at the rest, they all had messy hair with tramatized expressins to complete it.

Well, that was dreadful.

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