Scariest place on earth...

When 8 classmates went on a field trip to DisneyLand... They didn't expect to put their lives at risk.


1. Ready to go!

I put in a water bottle and zipped up my backpack. I ate my breakfast quickly, analizing the clock. Shit! I better get going or else I'll be late. I put my plate in the sink and left the house without further notice. I got everything I need for today. Anything missing? Mmm, no, nothing. I'm so excited for the field trip! This time, we're going to Disneyland! It's my secong time going, considering that I barely remember my first time.

Anyways, I arrived to school. I saw a big yellow bus in front of it, it's doors opening up.

I saw a line of kids my age next to it. That must be my class.

"Wait for me!" I shouted from the distance. I ran over to them.

"Dude! You're late. I almost thought you weren't coming." My best friend, Rolando, said in relief.

"No worries, I'm here now." I giggled.

"Enough chit-chat! We need to get going before the lines get any longer!" My teacher complained.

So, we got into the bus and I sat down with Rolando. We talked about our plan when we get to the park. Since he's been there more often than me, I really couldn't give ideas. He mentioned that we were going to Disneyland California Adventure.

"Ok guys, we're here! Make sure to get off the bus safely and to bring your backpacks with you at all times."

I stood up and made a line along with the rest of the class between the seats of the bus, slowly making my way out of the vehicle. After checking every student's attendance, my teacher gave us our passes. Mine had Minnie Mouse on it.

"I can't wait to ride the rides! Space mountain is my favourite." Rolando chirped.

"Sounds awesome. We should leave that for last, yeah?"


"Hey, don't plan ahead of us!" One of my classmates, Ingrid, joined in. Months ago, I kept hearing rumours about her having a crush on me. It's odd... For the fact that she is a girl. She's very pretty and all, but I don't think I would ever feel the same.

"Sorry, we just don't have any patience." I chuckled.

"I mean, it's Disneyland! Who can wait?" Rolando wondered.

She shrugged. "Good point."

"Alrighty then, where should we go first?" My teacher asked.

That's when a thunder bolt stricked somewhere close to our location. Most of us jumped, some of us even screamed.

"Would you look at that..." - She gazed up at the sky.- "The weather isn't nice today. Well, let's go indoors. Maybe the clouds will go away later."

So, all of us entered a near-by gift shop. I looked out the window and watched people walk up and down Main Street with their children. I glanced at the beautiful castle at the end of the street, where strangers went in and out of. I've seen it on TV before... I never thought I would see it in person. It was incredible.

"You look fascinated with the castle." Eddy, the nerd of the class, spoke up behind me.

"I am. I love the sight of it." I smiled.

Suddenly, I saw a thunder bolt hit the top of the castle's point. Right after that, the whole park was empty.

It seemed abandoned.

The colors were gone. The clouds got darker. The lights in the gift shop and everywhere else were shut off completely. I gasped. I turned around to see only my class survived. My teacher disappered. What the hell just happened?!

Everyone else was panicking.

"What happened?!" Rolando asked startedly, looking out the same window as me.

"I. Don't. Know." I responded, eyes widen.

"Does this mean we're the only ones here?!" Another classmate of mine, Kazumi, pointed out.

"Let's go outside!" Ingrid suggested loudly. We all nodded and did so. The wind blew slightly and the leaves came along with it. By the look of it, the fake buildings were covered in dust, even the staues in the center of the street.


This isn't Disney....


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