You saved me

Julia is just an ordinary girl that lives in Chesire,england she has a horrible life,her boyfriend alex loves her but hurts her at the same time,what happens when she bumps into harry styles.Will they fall in love?will he save her? read the story to find out :)


2. school ._.

Julia's prov:


 Today is school the worst part about the year.Expecially when i get to see alex yay! (just kidding i hate alex) we been together for 3 years and the only best year was the first year but now he just comes to my apartment drunk every night and kicks me,slaps me,punches me as hard as he can.

i don't want to break up with him because if i do he would go after me.I hope someone saves me Rfrom this creep.


--------------- skipping to when she gets to school 



i get to school and i see my my best friend recbecca    j for julia and r for rebecca

j:hey rebecca how was your weekend?

r:it  was good i went over to catalinas and slept over,how was yours?


r:what you mean

J:alex beat me 

R: girl you needs to break up with that jerk! he doesnt deserve you! 

J:i know,but i don't have the guts to break up with him and if i did he would after me

R:well don't worry cuz i go your back 

J:thats why i love you like a sis :)

R:i know i know



A/N HI guys what do you think of my first to chapters so far? if you want me to update then commen down below thanks :)

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