You saved me

Julia is just an ordinary girl that lives in Chesire,england she has a horrible life,her boyfriend alex loves her but hurts her at the same time,what happens when she bumps into harry styles.Will they fall in love?will he save her? read the story to find out :)


5. meeting harry


I  run out of school after first period,i don't want to stay there for the whole day after the whole alex inciddent. Asi turn the corner i bump into someone,"oops sorry love didn't see you there" a husky british voice says."it's okay i didn't see you either" i laugh. i look up to a tall boy around 19 years old with chocolate brown curls and emrald green eyes with a huge grin on his face.He sticks out his hand,"hi I'm harry,harry styles"i shake his hand,"im julia,nice to meet you harry" i smile."hey julia im going to starbucks to get some coffee,would you like to come?""i would love to" a huge smile appeared on my face.


---------------*when they get to starbucks*


I would love to get to know julia better,she is so beautiful with her brown wavy hair with blonde tips and hazel eyes. I want her to be mine.We sit down at the table,"so julia tell me about yourself" i smile

"well my full name is julia loren brower,i have a older brother and a twin sister name emily,emily lives in america and my brother is in the navy,my parents live in Houston,Were all origanlly from here,and my favorite color is orange,and i live in my own apartment by myself. tell me about yourself harry"she smiles."my name is harry,harry edward styles to be exact,i have an older sister named gemma,my mum lives in holmes chapel,i love to sing,i work in a bakery,i have 4 best mates named louis,niall,zayn,and liam they are like brothers to me,and i like oranges and bananas."

Julia laughed at the fact when i said i like bananas and oranges.Her laugh is so cute. 



Harry is a great boy,i like him already and by that i mean i have want to be his girlfriend! After a while we talked about school,music,and food.I stand up and say,"well i should be heading out now" harry offers me a ride so i say yes becuase im to tired to walk.the car ride was quiet but i loved being around harry.When he pulled up to the apartments harry gave me his number and asked me,"julia i know we just met,but would you like to see a movie with me on thursday?""yes i would love to pick me up at 7" i smile harry leans in a kisses me on  the cheek i felt shivers go down my spine."call me before you go to bed julia"harry says and winks at me i get to my door and open it up,i take a hot shower to clean off all the bad stuff off of my body,after i remover all my make-up and change into my pjs. I call harry (h for harry j for julia)


J:hey harry it's julia

H:oh hey julia is everything okay?

J:yes harry im fine i was just calling before i go to bed like you said 

H:ya i forgot haha

J:well harry i will see you on thursday for our movie date 

H:its a date?

J:if you want it to be 

H:yes i want it to be a date 

J:okay sounds good well goodnight hazza see you thursday 

H:see you later goodnight gorgeous sweetdreams

J:bye hazza 

H:bye julia

*end of call*


All i think about is harry and before i knew it i feel asleep 

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