You saved me

Julia is just an ordinary girl that lives in Chesire,england she has a horrible life,her boyfriend alex loves her but hurts her at the same time,what happens when she bumps into harry styles.Will they fall in love?will he save her? read the story to find out :)


8. im in big trouble !



AHH thank god it's friday! I got out of bed and felt to lazy so I threw on something really loose and comfortable.I did my normal make-up and routine and all that after I was done I got my keys and headed off to school.



I walk into art class ._. bluurr and alex looked really angry."I heard you're cheating on me Julia!" he screamed so loud everyone turned around to look at what was going on."I'm not cheating you I'm just friends with him." I was shaking so hard I was about to scream.Alex took me outside of the school and slamed me on a wall in a alley,my head was probably busted,he punched my face,kicked my stomach.I was on the ground now coughing up blood,trying to get up but Alex held me down with his leg.He took out a pocket knife,my life was over... just before he could I heard a deep voice,"hey! what are you doing to her?!"screamed the husky voice."It's none of your buisness pretty boy!"alex screamed.The man came walking down to where we were,he took hard punches to Alex's face,Alex was on the ground by now and I just realized that It was Harry! he saved me from alex.

Harry lifted me up in bridal style and carried me to his car,when he put me down my whole life just went blank.

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