You saved me

Julia is just an ordinary girl that lives in Chesire,england she has a horrible life,her boyfriend alex loves her but hurts her at the same time,what happens when she bumps into harry styles.Will they fall in love?will he save her? read the story to find out :)


9. harry the hero



I was walking down main street until I stop in front of a alley full of screaming,sounding like a girl, so I walk into the alley to find Julia on the ground getting hit by a boy.So I yell out,"Hey what are you doing to her?!""it's none of your buisness pretty boy!" the teenage boy yelled.So I walk down,and while I become closer to the scene I see that Julia's nose and stomach is bleeding very badly,I feel anger run through my body so I walked down to the boy and throw hard punched at his face until he falls to the ground.After I was done with him, I took Julia in my arms in bridal style and carried her to my car,by the time I set her down she passed out and I drive quickly back to my place.






ayyee ya'll whatcha think? I will update more tomorrow after practice when i get the chance :) 

love ya


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