You saved me

Julia is just an ordinary girl that lives in Chesire,england she has a horrible life,her boyfriend alex loves her but hurts her at the same time,what happens when she bumps into harry styles.Will they fall in love?will he save her? read the story to find out :)


11. dumping alex!



The next day I wake up snuggled up by the most handsome boy in the world,harry styles.I kiss him to wake him up and it worked."Harry I got to get ready for school." i said,he just nodded and I went to get ready,I guess harry picked up some clothes from my house so I got changed,did my makeup, and had harry drop me off to school,right before I get out of the car,Harry grabs my hand,"If anything happens,just call me okay?"okay" i say.Then and there we kissed goodbye.Its time to brake up with alex right when I see hime I'll dump him.



I walk into class and see alex snogging with a girl,heat rose up in my body,"ALEX! you man-whore! I can't believe you,and you thought I was cheating on you?! your'e wrong! Im done with you it's over!" I yell it loud enough for everyone to hear and alex starts talkin,"Its not what you thi...."I dont want to hear excuses alex,Its over with,it's done and were done deal with it!" alex just stands frozen and embarresed.For once in my life,I felt good,felt proud of myself.So I call up Harry 



J:hey harry it's julia

H:is everything alright?

J:everything is fine ! i have good news

H:what is it

J:i broke up with alex,i found him snogging with a girl in class

H:thats good that you did,i don't him hurting you anymore


H:I'll pick you up after school?

J:ya we can go to your place 

H:okay see you later bye babe

J:bye Harry

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