I Love You Daddy

Revenge is oh so sweet... Girls have no say in our culture. Men control the world that we live in. The only ones that can exact our revenge are the ones who come back. The ones that show that the dead don't always stay that way.
(For the 'Coldest Girl In Coldtown' competition)


1. Preface

High up in the tree Bedelia looked down at the snow that covered the forest. She tightened the rope, hating the fact that she had no control over her life. She hated that she was a victim. There was only one way to change that. Bedelia had to end it before she was forced to stay with that monster for the rest of her life... she jumped.


The feeling of something ice cold stroking his neck jolted Ahearn awake.

"Wake up papa... Did you miss me? Daddy?" She hissed. A cruel smile spread across the girl's lips. A twisted mockery of the innocence that used to appear on her face. He noticed that she did not show her teeth as she used to.

He took in her dark matted hair and the unnatural pallor of her skin. Blood seeped from her eyes and mouth. Their eyes met and Ahearn saw that there was no life left in them; only the darkness and pain of her death. She was still wearing her bridal gown. The ivory silk was now caked in mud and dirt.

"You're dead." Ahearn said firmly, trying to see if he could force himself to wake from this nightmare.

She came close to him. Her face lengthened and she opened her mouth to reveal sharp rows of teeth.

"No daddy. Not anymore." A guttural snarl fell from her lips... she lunged at Ahearn.

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