I Love You Daddy

Revenge is oh so sweet... Girls have no say in our culture. Men control the world that we live in. The only ones that can exact our revenge are the ones who come back. The ones that show that the dead don't always stay that way.
(For the 'Coldest Girl In Coldtown' competition)


7. Chapter Six

A deep thudding broke the silence. Someone was being repeatedly slammed against the floor. I had no doubt that it was my mother slowly torturing my father.

I pushed the door open. The stake was behind my back.

Mother stood over father, her long prominent teeth just about to pierce his neck.

Her eyes widened. She made her way towards me. I gripped the stake in my hand. She emitted a deep guttural growl. Her eyes flashed red as she glowered at me.

Suddenly her hand clenched my throat. I tried squeezing air back into my lungs. I soon realised that it was impossible.

“Mother,” I choked. “Want – to – join – please.”

Red eyes bored into mine. She let go. I dragged air into my burning lungs.

“Really, Venetia?”

I nodded.

Her cold smile repulsed me. “I knew you'd see the light.”

She lowered her face to my neck. It was now or never. Carefully I raised my arm and aliened the stake with her heart.

Her teeth sank into my skin. My cry was audible.

Fire burned its way through my body. The pain was unbearable. I whimpered and prayed for my baby boy, hoping that he was alright.

Her blood-curdling screech sounded as the stake bit into her heart.

She dropped to the floor.

I went to father. He was badly bruised but conscious.

“This,” I seethed. “Is your fault. Now you know how much mother and I despised you. You don’t even deserve death.”

I took his dagger from his belt and held it over my heart.

“But I know that death is the only thing that will save me and my baby from callous monsters like you.” I spat on him. Gritting my teeth I took a deep breath. “I love you daddy.”

The dagger pierced my heart.

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