I Love You Daddy

Revenge is oh so sweet... Girls have no say in our culture. Men control the world that we live in. The only ones that can exact our revenge are the ones who come back. The ones that show that the dead don't always stay that way.
(For the 'Coldest Girl In Coldtown' competition)


5. Chapter Four

I rubbed my swollen stomach, feeling my little boy kicking against me. I didn’t know for certain that it was a boy, but I just had a feeling. A warm tingling that grew as I carried this wonderful and beautiful life inside of me. I would call him Baelfire.

I walked to mother’s grave. It'd been eight months since Keir and I had married. I fell pregnant within days. He would rarely let me out of the house during the day and when he did he would bed some whore that he'd picked up from the streets. I didn't care. As long as it wasn't me that had to endure his cruel nature.

I'd snuck out at night needing a breath of air from Keir's overbearing nature.

I stopped at my mother’s grave. Vines festooned the headstone. It was then that I noticed that the boulders placed on top of the grave had been moved.

My eyes widened.

That wasn’t possible. It'd taken all of the men in the tribe two days to move the boulders. I backed away slowly. Something was very wrong here.

A shadow sped past me.

I froze.

A dark chill ran up my spine, making my blood run cold.

I turned to leave. I wasn’t staying here.

Abruptly, I was knocked to the ground.

Terror surged through my body. My heart beat fast like the rumbling of thunder; urging me to my feet.

Jumping up on my feet I ran.

“Ah!” My scream pierced the night air and I was once again floored by the unknown force. Whatever it was it brought me down with ease; its strength beyond human.


I scrambled up onto my feet, desperately trying to get away. Whatever was chasing me took its time. Taking slow deliberate steps towards me.

“Venetia, stop running from me,” said the shadow. It had a slow, sinister voice. But it sounded familiar. A dark and twisted edge to the tone.

They stepped out from the shade of the tree and into the moonlight.


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