I Love You Daddy

Revenge is oh so sweet... Girls have no say in our culture. Men control the world that we live in. The only ones that can exact our revenge are the ones who come back. The ones that show that the dead don't always stay that way.
(For the 'Coldest Girl In Coldtown' competition)


6. Chapter Five

“But... how?” I breathed.

I stood up, ready to run into her arms and embrace her. I'd missed her so much. She was back. Joy overwhelmed me. Tears streamed down my face. Our eyes met.

Her eyes.

They used to be brown and warm. Now they were bland and empty. Blood seeped from them. Her pallid skin was bruised with black-blue blotches. Her fingernails were long and yellow. She was now a dead, empty shell of what she used to be.

“Mother what happened to you?” My voice shook.

“Shh,” she hissed. A slow reptilian smile crept over her lips. “Bedelia set me free. She is one of us.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You don’t need to. I will save you. Join me Venetia. We can live forever. Come with me.”

When I didn’t respond her eyes turned from lifeless brown to vivid red. “Would you rather stay here and let the men of this town feed off your essence until there is nothing left?” Her voice an angry snarl.

She looked down at my stomach and touched it.

I flinched.

Her cold fingers sent a burning sensation across my skin.

“I will take care of everything, my darling.”

The air stirred as she ran towards the town.



I spun round thinking it was my mother returning. Instead I came face to face with the old woman from the wedding.

She came up to me and put something in my hand.

“Dearg-due,” she said and spat on the ground. “They feed on the livings blood and souls. Use this stake to kill her. Before she kills everyone in town. Go. Now.”

I looked at the object in my hand. It was a stake.

People told stories of the blood demons that stalked humans on the earth.

Women who committed suicide when forced into marriage and came back from the dead. People forced to turn.

My mother was a vampire.

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