Scar from beauty - Dramione

Hermione is hurt and runs out on Draco while dancing in the greathall on the Yule ball.


3. Confrontation

They walked outside and Draco turned towards Hermione. ‘’What do you want?’’, she said with an annoyed tone and crossed her arms over her chest. Draco looked at her with a feeling of dejavous, ‘Why was she so mad?’. He frowned and asked, ‘’What’s the matter with you? Why are you so angry?’’.

Hermione looked at him to see if he was joking. He’s too stupid to see what he did wrong. ‘’Okay, so you don’t remember saying things like ‘Oh, I’m really pround of myself for taking a girl I used to hate to the bal’ and you wouldn’t shut up about how much you used to hate me and people who are like me’’, she said, feeling that her confidence was slowly fading. Her feelings for this boy was constantly tested and her heart was beginning to ache in her chest. Forgiving Draco felt too easy right now but she had a weakness for this snake of a boy.


‘’ Okay, I shouldn’t have said that but I can’t say that it wasn’t true because it was. I hated you and you hated me. We can’t change the past. Hermione, I’m sorry. I really enjoy your company and I had a great time last night, so please don’t be mad at me.’’, Draco said and touched the scar on his lip that Hermione gave him last night. Probably wasn’t the best move to kiss her while she was upset. Hermione glanced and noticed the scar, she immediately felt guilty, ‘’I’m sorry about that...’’, she said and nodded at the scar. Draco took his hand from his lip and shrugged, ‘’It’s not your fault, I shouldn’t have kissed you’’. With just one step Hermione was standing right infront of Draco and then she opened her mouth and said, ‘’But if you hadn’t have kissed me the whole night would have been a disaster’’.

Draco let out a little laugh and looked at her. He wanted to ask, ‘’Then why did you bite me?’’, but he already knew the answer to that question. So instead he just leaned in and kissed her. For a moment everything stopped, they were the only two persons on Earth. Hermione interrupted the kiss and looked at Draco and smiled bright. ‘’I have to get back in there but see you later’’, Hermione said and walked back into the Great hall. Usually when Draco got the girl he would play it cool and like brag about it to his friends but this girl was special, she brought out a side of him who was unfamiliar. A side who really would like to make her happy and didn’t want to use her for his own satisfaction. Draco actually really liked Hermione and nothing was going to seperate them.

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