Scar from beauty - Dramione

Hermione is hurt and runs out on Draco while dancing in the greathall on the Yule ball.


2. Breakfast

Hermione was laying in her bed, staring up at the ceiling. Biting her lip. Draco really did kiss her, that pureblood kissed her. She didn’t know what to think, for the first time in ages. Hermione runned her finger across her underlip then shook her head. ‘’Get yourself together.’’, she whispered to herself before rolling over on the side and closing her eyes. Within’ five minutes she was sleeping. A boring, dreamless sleep.

The next morning Hermione woke up feeling refreshed, she quickly got out of bed and put on her clothes, a greyish shirt that buttons up and a brown cardigan over it with a pair of simple jeans. It was sunday, that means no lessons, which was both a little letdown and relief. She set her hair up in a ponytail and walked out of the room.


Draco looked in the mirror, he had a scar and he couldn’t wait for all the questions to start. ''Filthy mudb...'', he stopped. Draco couldn't let himself think things like that anymore. He straightened his white shirt and coughed. Pansy had hung over him all morning but as usual, he alienated her. The platinum blonde hair did not want to obey him instead it was laying here and there as if they had a life of its own. With a frustrated sigh, he ignored it and began to head towards the Great Hall for breakfast.


Hermione met Harry on the way out of the common room. They just smiled at each other and decided telepathic that they would go with each other down to breakfast. Ron came running up following them and when he caught up with them, they started laughing, Hermione bit more reclusive. She was beginning to stop feeling obsessed over last night. ‘’Did you have fun last night?’’, she asked them both to start a conversation. Harry and Ron looked at each other, ‘’I had a great time!’’, Harry said with a big smile. He and Ginny danced all night last night and they were smiling and laughing the whole time. Ron suddenly seemed down. ‘’I didn’t get anywhere with Padma’’. Harry and Hermione looked at eachother, althought they both wanted to laugh it’d be really shitty as Ron’s best friends so they just laid their hands on Ron’s shoulder and said ‘’I’m sorry...’’, then they continued their walk to breakfast.

Draco sat down at the Slytherin-table and grabbed an apple that was on a silverplate infront of him. He looked around the room and couldn’t help but admire it. Pansy turned to him and said ‘’Awful right? I can’t wait to get out of this hellhole.’’. Pansy had liked Draco since the first year and she’d always follow him around where ever he’d go, and now it really began to irritate him. ‘’Mhmm.’’, Draco said in hope of getting her off his back just for a while. Then Hermione walked in the room following Harry and Ron. She was beautiful just like last night. He had to talk to her, without thinking it through he walked over to the Gryffindor-table. ‘’Hey can I talk to you?’’, he said quietly to avoid attention but that were already to late, because everyone was already looking. Just like last night.

Hermione looked troubled when Draco came over. Like she thought it wouldn't be easy getting over him. ''Fine.'', she said and got up from the seat she just taken and walked out of The Great Hall. 

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