Scar from beauty - Dramione

Hermione is hurt and runs out on Draco while dancing in the greathall on the Yule ball.


1. Aouch!

Hermione walked as fast as she could to get away from that vile pureblood. She knew from the beginning he didn’t love her but she still believed his little charade. The smartest girl at Hogwarts, dumb enough to fall for Draco’s charm. Pathetic. Her dress was dragging after her, her beautiful dress ruined because of a stupid boy. The Yule bal, was in full motion in the great, big hall. ‘’Draco didn’t ever love you.’’, Hermione mumbled for herself, before entering the girls-bathroom and locking herself in one of the cupboards. Her tears tasted salty as she quickly wiped them away. Why was she crying? and over someone like Malfoy.


Draco stood left by himself on the dancefloor as Pansy started walking towards him. He was still a little bit shocked over what happened. He told Hermione that he was proud over himself for bringing a muggle born to the bal, and then started to go on about how much he used to hate her and the rest of the mudbloods. Then she stormed away leaving him on the dancefloor. He should look for her and find out what he did wrong, but why did he even care for that mudblood? He decided to go look for her anyway. He walked outside and left Pansy standing on the dancefloor, irritated and depressed.


Hermione could hear somone walking outside the stall. She lifted her feet of the ground, pushing them against her torso, stopped sobbing and became all quiet. She heard the foot steps leave the room. Slowly she open the cupboard door and stepped in front of the mirror wiping away the mascara that was left on her cheeks. When she was all fixed up and ready to go into the balroom again, as soon as Hermione stepped outside the girls-bathroom somone grabbed her and swept her away.


Now standing in front of Draco was a frightened, yet now annoyed Hermione. ‘’What do you want from me Malfoy?!’’, she said giving him a push so his back slammed into the wall. Draco tried to keep calm although his instinkts were to push back twice as hard. Looking into Hermione’s eyes with a gentle expression on his face, he said; ‘’Why did you storm out like that? I was having a blast and I thought you were too.’’. Draco laid one of his hands on her shoulders. It was quiet. Then they heard someones foot steps walking towards them. ‘’Bloody hell’’, Draco said with his teeth shut, thinking out loud. Draco looked at Hermione, ‘’I have to go.’’, he said troubled.


She met his gaze, when suddenly. Hermione froze as she tried getting her mind round what was happening, he kissed her... Draco Malfoy is kissing me. Hermione looked at him but then finally got her mind around everything and bit his underlip. Draco said ‘’Aouch!’’, looking at her, then he pushed her to the side and ran off. Hermione still standing there like this was made of stone, just like the second year. But this time it was another kind of snake, a slytherin boy.

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