Lexi Taylor is the most baddest girl in the whole school, shes a loner, but still loves her friends, Boys tease her for being a tomboy. She doesn't care about anything that they say and keeps her head up, and she punches them back. With her mom and dad divorced and her older brother in the army, her mom is trying her best to change her into a girly girl. But Lexi refuses to wear pink. Her only real best friend is her skateboard. Her brother taught her how to skate when she was five years old. and thats when Lexi became a tomboy, all for her brother.

So thats the intro of the story, hope you like the story!



1. Chapter one: New start

I woke up. Turning over and falling over the bed. Ugh. I pressed the button on my skateboard alarm clock my brother bought me before he went to the army. I missed my brother. I hope he will come home soon.

" Sweetie! come and get your breakfast!"

I groaned. Iv'e never groaned before..... it's because I was moving to America. A fresh new start for me. I bet it will be sunny enough to skate there everyday. But I was going to miss my hometown... the place where I grew up. That road outside my window, is where I first stepped on my skateboard as my brother lead me slowly taking each step, teaching me. I was really young....

I walked downstairs moodily, and stared at my glob of toast. I gobbled it up. yummy!

" Sweetie, when we move to America, I promise you will make friends that love to skateboard just like you. And we can go shopping for girly clo-"

" NO! no girly clothes mom..... please." I whined

" fine.... just tell me when you change your mind." She sighed.

Of course my mom was getting sick of me being a tomboy. But I turned into that because for the sake of my brother.

" Sweetie, lets pack up. now."

after three hours of packing. We were done. We put it all in the van.

" Uh sweetie..?"

" yeah?" I replied

" theres no where to put your skateboard.... theres no room... i think your just going have to leave it behind." mom said looking at the van filled with items.

" no! " I said gripping onto my skateboard tightly

" can't I just take it to the front?" I asked

" well i suppose you can" My mum said.

After we both got into the van I set my skateboard sitting on my lap. We drove to the airport put all the items onto the airplane. And set off to America. It took loads of hours to get there. but we were there. 

I opened my new bedroom door and threw my skateboard onto the floor next to my bed. I got into my bed with my clothes on, since I was too tired to change. And drifted off to sleep.

The next morning..... I saw everything unpacked downstairs. Mum must of stayed up all night unpacking things. It was Saturday. The sun was shining, that's the beauty of America.

" Sweetie eat your toast and you can go to the skatepark" My mum shouted

Skatepark? Skate park? SKATEPARK? WHOOOOOOOO! I've never been to a skatepark. but I just skated down my street for years. But this.. was going to be a blast. I rushed downstairs, ate my toast, rushed back upstairs, I put on my converses with my ' I love skateboarding ' t-shirt with ripped jeans and i grabbed my board, headed for the door.

" bye mummm!" i shouted and shut the door.

When I arrived at the skatepark, there was so many people, I guess I was the only girl... who cares. it was time to have fun! I did all my tricks including the 360 turn and the ollie. Many guys looked at me like I was an alien from outer space. I stopped to take a drink, So i sat on the bench, and took my bottle of water and drank it.

" Hey, I'm Mike" A guy said walking up to me, He offered me a hand to shake it, and i shaked it.

" Hey mike, Nice to meet you, I'm Lexi. I smiled.

" Your good at skating. I could teach you more tricks if you want?" Mike asked.

" Yeah, that'd be cool" I said putting my thumbs up. Mike chuckled


And that was the beginning of our friendship. 








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