The boy that changed a girls life.

Angelica's mum died when she was 4, her brothers moved away, it was just her and her dad, her dad blamed her for everything, she runs away on her dads birthday, she meets someone special, he changes her life, its Niall Horan, she didnt know him, they get to know eachother and then they make a family, but is there devastation to come in there future?


2. I ran away.

My alarm went of, it woke Dave up, he stormed in like a monster, he started to have ago at me, saying its always my fault. "It's all your fault, but your to gorgeous to be kicked out, how about some fun." I hated his way of fun, if my mum was hear she would go mental at him, I try to but he hurts me really bad, I hate him, he is nothing to me, this has happened since I was 6, at first I didn't know what he was doing, but now it make me sick to know, he pins me down, and does it, he makes me do things too, but today I'm lucky, but he says I'm an angel, how? He is the devil in the mind, he stops, he thinks I like it, but here comes the bad part, " Go on Blair, it's your turn, show me what you got." I thought I would have been lucky today, but maybe not, "it's wrong, and disgusting." she really had no choice. " WELL OTHER WISE I WILL POST THE VIDEOS ONLINE OF ME AND YOU" I go to do it, he never will let go of my head now, then he wanted me to stop, I'm glad he did, but then I'm not when he will do this "YOU HAD ONE CHANCE TO MAKE ME PROUD, YOU ARE DISSAPOINTING! I WILL BE BACK FOR MORE SOON!" 

This is my chance to go, will my plan work? I hope so, I creep downstairs and goes out the back door, but I might just take his money first, I hear him walking, I quickly run, I go to the secret park me and my mum always went to, it's magical, I snuck out a few times to go there. 

I find myself at the entrance, my vans are worn out, feels like days have gone past, I go in and find the Magic Flower called Prestarryle Lilac, there is 2 left, that will be fine, I use it for a blanket and pillow, it arrives, I go to sleep, I hear noises but that proberly a Wild Bird. 

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