A 1D story

someone breacking up with this other guy.


1. the story

One day there was a girl called lucy. Her mom and step dad where having a big fight so she called her best friend over to go see one direction with her. her best friends are called annabel and cher. cher and annabel had got the tickets and backstage passes last year. they went to the concert and had a fantastic time. Then when they went backstage tings got hot between Cher and Niall. They ended up dating.


A month later he cheated on her with lucy. Cher got really upset and started crying. After about half an hour Cher ran out of the house in attempt to get away from nill but knowing her luck he followed her.She got in her friends car. They went to a nearby cafe. Her other friend was also there. so they talked for half an hour then Daniella and annabel said at the same time don't you go out with niall. Cher looked at them and said he cheated on me with lucy. Her friend started to ask questions. Daniella asked if Cher had a place to sleep tonight. Cher answer NO!!! Daniella said Cher could sleep at hers tonight.


Cher, annibel and daniella went back to Nialls place and packed your suit case. Then Niall came to see if Cher was back. They could see that he was trying so hard no to cry. Then with his shaky voice he said Cher you can't go i still love you but at that moment Lucy came in so you said to her look after him he is not very strong. After that Cher ran out to the car were harry was standing. Harry said I thought you and niall was together. SO did i... I,m going to miss you Mr. Styles.



About three seconds after Cher said that Harry started crying and said please Cher don't leave go out with me instead. Cher looked at him then smiles but said will you hurt me like Niall did Harry. Harry screamed " HELL NO CHER I LOVE YOU AND ONLY YOU BABE." I will think about it tonight while i am at daniella's then call you tomorrow morning. I ended waking up at 8:00  the next morning.you didn't answer it because Cher thought it Niall. When you looked it was harry so you called him back but it was not harry on the other side it was laim. He explaind the only reason he called you was because he had put you in his phone as you were his girlfriend.




thats chapter 1 guys. :)

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