A 1D story

someone breacking up with this other guy.


2. Daniella's got cancer

What you didn't no was Harry was on his way to your house. Harry knocked at the door so you got out of bed, fell down the stairs to get the Door. Cher opened it then smiles. Hi Harry how are youCher said. Harry replied better now i have seen you. Cher will you be my princess Harry said. Cher replied love you harry so yes. Harry lifted Cher up and kissed her...OMFG CHER WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Daniella grabbed Cher. That was it Cher screamed so Harry said em hey why are you touching her.You will hurt her Replied Daniella.Ok coming Cher. Yes Daniella I will be back to sleep OK. Yes fine be back before 10pm  got it... Got it mom you say giggling with Harry. that was the start of a beautiful relationship.

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