Break my Heart

I felt like my walls were finally tumbling down. I said I wanted to start my life all over and guess what I got? I got what I asked for. I literally started my life over. I moved from Ireland all the way to New York. After one week of being here, I want my old life now. Yeah I asked for it but I don't want it anymore. I don't know anyone here and I don't even know what I'm supposed to do here. But then again I don't want to go back to Ireland. I didn't want to see my used to be best friend whenever he decides to finally remember me and come for me. My best friend is Niall Horan from this Boy Band. He left me three years ago to fulfill his dreams. He promised right when he wins, he will come for me. I actually believed him but I didn't actually figure that he won't come back for me till one year later. I tried to forget about him for two years. Nothing worked so I thought the best way was to move here.


2. Chapter 2

~Kay's POV~

I woke up from the feeling of being carried. It kind of scared me. My vision was still in a blur and I couldn't see who my kidnapper was. All I knew was this person had a strong build and it was a man or just a really strong woman. I wonder why they decided to capture me and not someone else? 
I blinked my eyes a couple of times and my vision got into a focus. I looked up and saw a tense jaw. I looked further up on the face and shock took over me. My kidnapper looked down at me with those icy blue eyes. He smiled. I stared at him with such hate. This went on for about 5 minutes before I started squirming. 
"Let me down Niall!" 
He didn't answer. I continued to struggle to get out of his grip but it just got tighter. 
"Why did you decide four years later your gonna come and capture me. You already broke me. Want to some more?" I asked with gritted teeth. 
He looked down at me with pain instead of warmness. 
"You didn't miss me?" He whispered ever so lightly. 
I didn't answer him because him and I both knew the answer was yes. 
"Let me down niall." I said through a sigh. He just looked at me. 
"I'm never letting go of you this time. I need to talk to you."
"What is there to talk about? You left me for four years. End of story." 
"That's not how this story is going to end. I want my best friend back." 
"Kinda late for that." I murmured. He rolled his eyes. 
"Your still stubborn."
"Did you miss me?" I asked. Regretting the words that came out instantly. 
"More than you know." He whispered. 
"Would you rather be carried on my back or like this?" He asked. 
"I rather walk but back sounds a bit better." He sat me down on my feet while getting in a crouching position. I took this opportunity to run as fast as I could away from him. His head shot back and met my eyes. I smirked and ran faster. He started to run behind me and since I haven't ran in forever, he caught up to me pretty fast. He swooped me up and slung me on his shoulder. 
"Why can't you just cooperate?!" He yelled at me. I flinched at his tone. Did my Niall Horan change? Probably not. Just the way I'm acting towards him right now is making him mad. Maybe if I got him mad enough, he would let me go.  
"I'm carrying you bridal style whether you like it or not." He mumbled. I slouched into his arms and looked up at him miserably. I really didn't want to be here. I rather be with Sammy. SAMMY! Oh no. I just left her there. I'll call her. I patted my pockets but they were empty. Wait.. I dropped it with her. Ugh now I'm stuck with Niall and I have no contact to Sammy. 
"Where did you find me?" I asked. 
"I saw you on top of a abandoned building, sleeping or passed out. I don't know. The first thing I did was pick you up and started carrying you. I'm trying to get you to the hotel and it would be so much easier if I had a car cause I could just lock you up in my car and get you to the hotel faster."
"What would you do if I screamed kidnap as loud as I could right now?" 
"Ugh why do you have to be so stubborn Kay?" 
"My life was fine before you came back Niall. All I want to do right now is go back to Sammy and watch movies like I was going to do but you took me." 
"What were you doing there in the first place?" 
"None of your concern." I answered. 
He sighed loudly and ran one hand through his blond hair. 
"Have you been crying Kay?" Oh no... I bet my eyes were blood shot and my face was tear stained. 
"Your such a bad lier. What happened?" 
He sighed again for like the hundredth time today. 
"You know, you used to tell me everything and now you won't tell me much."
"Things change." I answered nonchalantly. Niall walked up to a very large and luxurious hotel. 
"Can I be let down again?" I asked. 
"Are you gonna run?" 
"Then no." 
I crossed my arms. 
We walked inside to be greeted by a fancy lobby and everybody smiling. The smiles were all fake. They were trying to make the guest feel happy but what it did to me, it made me sick. Niall stepped inside a full elevator and everybody's eyes landed on me. Not niall but directly at me. I was uncomfortable and Niall could see that. 
"What are you looking at?" He asked. Everybody looked away awkwardly. I knew they were judging me in their rich brains. Ergh. I should feel somewhat sad but I don't. I guess I started getting used to it. My appearance always triggers their minds. On floor 42, we got off. There was only one door... What? Oh right. Niall was  in a very popular boy band and they were rich. Ugh, I don't quite like rich people other than Sammy. Niall held me with one hand and got his key card out of his bum pocket. Wow... He was really strong. He slid the key through the slot and the door beeped. He opened it, carrying me inside. 
"I still can't believe you carried my heavy weight for such a long time."
"You barely weigh anything Kay." I rolled my eyes. 
"You can let me down now." I mumbled. He sat me down. 
"NIALL!!! IS THAT YOU LEPRECHAUN!?" I heard a British accent full throughout the very large hotel room.
"NIALL!" It screeched again, making me some what terrified. Whoever this person was, I know he or she will judge me instantly. A boy with brunette hair that had been gelled back and grayish blue eyes stormed in the living area. 
"Well hello there. Louis here." He said coolly reaching his hand out in front of me. I stared into those eyes not making a move. I could usually tell if someone was judging me but Louis here was hard to read. 
"I'm Kay." I mumbled, returning his kind gesture.  
"I've heard so much about you." He said lowering his voice. Good thing I didn't have to hear that screeching again. I'm not used to loud people really. 
"Your friend Samantha is here." He said. 
"WHERE?!" This time I was the one to scream. 
"She just left with Mr. Payne." 
No no no  no. Ugh I need her with me NOW.
"Where did she go." 
"I don't know. I think she fancies Liam." He said dancing a bit. I just stared at him then looked at Niall with a bit hatred going on. I don't hate niall at all but I need to convince him I do so he will let me free and let me move on with my niall free life. I felt tears starting to build up in my eyes. 
"Where's the bathroom?" My voice cracked out. 
"Down the hall and on the right." Louis answered back with concern in his eyes. Great. He saw that I'm about to break down. I trudged my feet down to the wash room and locked myself in there. I sunk inside the bathtub and finally let the tears run down, letting a couple of sobs come out of my mouth. 

~Louis' POV~ 

Once you look at her, you think Emo and I didn't judge her!! Not at all. I don't do that kind of stuff. Yeah I am sassy but that doesn't mean I judged her. I started staring at her. If you look past all that eye liner and mascara, you see someone who is utterly beautiful. Niall was right. You can fall fast for her beauty. After she ran out on us, while crying, I just looked at Niall with anger. 
"Niall!" I whispered yelled. I hope she can't hear us.
"What made you so crazy that you kidnapped her and took her here?!" 
"It's not what it seems mate. I was walking down the street after dinner and I just saw i a non moving body on top of a abandoned building. I ran up there and it was her. She was unconscious and freezing. It seemed like she had been there for hours. She would've died if I hadn't come and found her Louis! And now I have her back. I'm never leaving her again." 
"Your in love..." I said with a smile. Aww it's so cute actually. Niall has never been in loveeeeee and now he was!! 
"Am not!" He said. Goodness, he was such a horrible lier.
"You can't lie good mate." I said with a chuckle. 
"Don't tell anyone.." He said with a sigh. 
I smiled and nodded. I knew it!! 
"You better go check on her. She's crying in there." 
"Where's the bathroom key? I bet she locked herself in there." 
I went to the kitchen counter and handed him the key. He walked up to the door but looked back at me once more with a smile and then went inside. I heard a loud gasp. 
"Just leave me alone niall!" I chuckled and went to watch TV. 

~Kay's POV~ 

"Niall get out!" 
"Why?" He asked coolly like I never was crying. He got in the tub beside me and sat down. He reached his hand up and wiped my tears off, making me flinch back. He smiled lightly at me before handing me a tissue. 
"Here ya go, me lady." He said. I tried to hold in my giggle. Ugh he always did this to me. I know he is trying really hard to make me laugh. I'm not going to. 
"Why didn't you come for me?" I asked but I wanted to take my words back instantly. 
"I did." 
"I would've known if you had or not."
"You were in a coma so you didn't know I was there." What?! He knew. How? No.. No no no. I looked at him with panic. He smiled and engulfed me in a tight embrace. I was taken aback at first but snuggled into his arms. I haven't been hugged since he left.. I didn't let anyone touch me really and also, you can't resist a Horan hug. 
"Please trust me again Kay." 
Silence. I never stopped trusting him. I was just being stubborn. 
"Please Kay. Your still my best friend." 
"Those boys are." 
"You mean more than anything in the world to me." He said tightening the hug. 
"Please can we start from four years ago and forget that I ever left you."
"It's kind of hard to forget the worst four years in the world." I mumbled. 
"That's why I'm here. I'm going to mend and heal you." He said tracing my back. I started to tense.
"Please." He said. I started to relax under his soft grazing on my scarred back. 
"Do you forgive me?" 
"Not fully. You didn't come back for me when I did wake up." I answered. 
"Your mum hates me. She blamed me for not protecting you and I even blame myself."
"Don't. It wasn't your fault. You had a dream to fulfill and I was fine."
"Don't bull me Kay. You weren't fine at all. I've seen the scars and the bruises." 
I didn't answer. He rubbed my back some more, soothing me a little. 

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