Break my Heart

I felt like my walls were finally tumbling down. I said I wanted to start my life all over and guess what I got? I got what I asked for. I literally started my life over. I moved from Ireland all the way to New York. After one week of being here, I want my old life now. Yeah I asked for it but I don't want it anymore. I don't know anyone here and I don't even know what I'm supposed to do here. But then again I don't want to go back to Ireland. I didn't want to see my used to be best friend whenever he decides to finally remember me and come for me. My best friend is Niall Horan from this Boy Band. He left me three years ago to fulfill his dreams. He promised right when he wins, he will come for me. I actually believed him but I didn't actually figure that he won't come back for me till one year later. I tried to forget about him for two years. Nothing worked so I thought the best way was to move here.


1. Chapter 1

~one year later~

"Starbucks?" Sammy asked. I nodded my head slowly. 
Sammy and I strolled along the side walks of New York City, trying to find Starbucks. I wished I was back at my flat and not here walking. I'm 21 years old and I'm one of the laziest people I know. I rather spend my days cuddling up to my pillow and a blanket and watch sad romantic movies. Yeah, I was a loser. But I can't help it that I still can't get over Niall. I mean he was my best friend since I was 6. He was the only person who actually understood me. Nobody really liked me because my appearance. I pretty much look like some Emo chick who hates everybody. But it's not true. I don't hate everybody... And my looks make me look like I'm Emo. I always wear black skinny jeans and some type of black shirt. My hair is black and I have a lip piercing. Lots of people have tons of stereo types about me. Just because I have some tattoos and wear all black, I become automatically Depressed and Emo. I'm not depressed. I'm actually a very bubbly person but no one I understands that other than Niall. Sammy is my roommate at College so that's the only reason she actually hangs out with me. She's a really nice person but when I first met her, I thought from what she looked like, she would hate me and probably be like one of those mean girls. Sammy has long blond hair that's perfectly straight. Blue eyes that light up the room and a body that has a perfect resemblance of a model and she's utterly rich. But first impressions were surprisingly good. I tried to be nice at first but after a while I knew I didn't have to try because it came naturally to me to her. She wasn't like other people. She didn't judge me. She was here for me. I guess our bond grew stronger each day and from today, I am proud to call her my best friend but I don't think she thinks same of me. 

We entered the Starbucks and walked straight to the line. 
"Will you order for me?" I asked. 
"What do you want?" 
"Venti Caramel Frap." 
I turned around, about to make my way to a table before I heard my name. 
I turned around and met Sammy's eyes. 
"I have a update..." 
"I don't care for it."
"I think you want to hear it Kay."
I sighed.
"What is it?"
"Niall Horan just landed in New York... He tweeted something about his childhood best friend and how he was looking for her..." 
My eyes widened. No no no no. This can't be happening. What happens if he actually finds me. 
"H-he won't f-find me." I stuttered nervously. 
"New Y-York is a big place." I could feel tears starting to appear in my eyes. 
"After we get our coffees, we can go home and hide. I'll even watch one of your movies with you Kay." 
"T-thanks." Ergh, I couldn't stop stuttering. I swiftly sat down at a little table and waited for Sammy. All I could think of Niall. I-I missed him. A lot really but I couldn't weaken up to him. Why was he looking for me? Why now? It's been four years and he finally decides to come for me. I sighed heavily and took a look in my surroundings. At one table, there was a girl that looked my age smiling down at her phone. Maybe her boyfriend? The table beside her was a couple who were smiling at each other and making conversation. Ugh, I hate love so much but then again I want to feel loved and the feeling of loving that person back but everyone knew that I would die alone. It's kinda obvious. No one liked the way I looked and I acted like a brat when it came to people that made fun of me. 

I looked up and met Sammy's eyes again. 
"Here's your Frap." 
"Thanks." I mumbled. 
"I'll pay you back at the flat." 
"This is my treat." I smiled lightly at her. 
"Thank you." 
"C'mon, lets go back and watch a movie of your choice." 
I stood up from my chair and we walked out the door together. I looked back one last time and saw the couple making out. Ergh, PDA. We walked down the same sidewalk we came from but I got stopped by my ringing phone. I grabbed It out of my pocket and answered it without looking at caller ID. 
"Hey love. This is Kayla right?" 
"Call me Kay and yes it is. Who is this?" My Irish accent filling the phone. 
"This is Zayn Malik."
"Ergh, I don't know a Zayn Malik." I answered honestly. Was this a person from college? I don't think so cause his accent was a bit British. 
"Maybe you have the wrong number." I said after he didn't answer. 
"I'm pretty sure this is the right number Kay. I'm in a band that you might be familiar with."
"Umm which band?" I asked, starting to feel myself sweat with fright. Could it be?
"One Direction. You probably know Niall." I stopped in my tracks on the sidewalk. No. No. No. Sammy looked back at me with confusion in her eyes. 
"Why." I whispered to Zayn. Then I hung up. I dropped my phone and ran as fast as I could away from here. Anywhere as long as it wasn't here. I couldn't see Sammy because I would just cry in front of her and if I did, I would hate myself. I ran away from Sammy and my phone without turning around. 

~Sammy's POV~

What the hell just happened? One second Kay is on the phone and the other, she's running away while crying, leaving her phone on the ground. I slowly picked up her phone and saw someone was calling her. I answered it. I had to. I cared about Kay way to much and I knew she wouldn't tell me. 
"Kay?" I heard a Irish accent like Kay's. 
"Who the hell is this and what do you want from Kay?!" I screamed in the phone. 
"This is Niall Horan and Kay is my best friend." 
My mouth dropped open but my shock quickly got replaced with pure anger towards this boy. He doesn't just have a right to forget about her for four years then just think he can come back. Hell to the no. 
"Do you even know what you did to her? Do you think that you can just come back and show up and think everything will be alright. It's been four years niall. Best thing to do is hang up and never call her again." I said through gritted teeth. 
He didn't answer. Instead I heard someone else's voice. 
"Hey love, this is Louis, Niall's mate. Umm he is kinda busy right now. So if-" 
"Busy with what?" I interrupted him. 
"He's... Uh crying." 
I just hung up. I sighed very loudly and ran my hand through my blond hair. I need to go find Kay and fast before she does anything. She's been suicidal once, she can become it all over again. I tucked her phone in my purse and started to run the same way she ran. 

~Kay's POV~ 

I had found a abandoned building, far away from the city. I only picked here just so no one can hear me cry. I climbed up to the roof and hugged my knees close then the loud crying started. Niall, my old best friend is here, in New York. Looking for me. I thought he got over me. He probably did, he just wanted to confront me maybe? When we were about 15 I actually started to believe I was a waste of his time but he was the one who came to my house every single time and never left me alone. He stayed by my side and embarrassed himself if I did so to myself. He was popular though and I wasn't. But he never made that a issue though. He never left my side but I still believed I was a waste of time. He might've too. I had no idea what went through his head. All I knew was that he knew everything about me and I loved him. 

~Niall's POV~

Kay. My best friend was out there, heart broken and she could be doing anything. I had to find her. I'm a complete idiot. I promised her something and I let go of that promise. When we finished the X factor, I was going to go home and finally see Kay and my mum and dad and Greg. I got to see everybody but Kay. Well I did see Kay. She just didn't remember and she didn't see me. That week in particular, her dad almost killed her. He put her in a coma. Since that day, her dads been dead too. Her dad got a knife and cut her all on the back. I got to see these scars but she didn't know I went to see her. She was in a coma and no one told her, which made me mad. She thought I didn't and thought I broke my promise. Also her mum started hating me that day. I can remember this day so easily. 


"Niall, you can go see Kayla now." Her mum said to me. I weakly smiled at her. I Had been crying so I wasn't in that big of a mood to smile and laugh or anything. I just wanted to see my best friend. I walked inside the white walled room and looked down at Kay. She was beautiful. No she was more than beautiful. Call me crazy but yes, I was more than In love with my best friend. I grabbed a chair and pulled it up beside her bed and sat down. I grabbed her nimble fingers and started to caress her cheek. 
"Hey Kay." I said smiling at her. 
"I came back for you. I wish I could see your beautiful green eyes right now. I wish I could see you smile and laugh at my horrible jokes. Please wake up." I said, tears already brimming at my eyes. Silence. I sighed, finally letting my warm tears fall. 
"I told the boys a lot about you. They wish they could meet you and I was going to introduce you to them but I'm leaving two days from now. Please wake up Kay." I looked down at her again. Silence. 
"Management doesn't want me hanging out with you." I frowned at these words. 
"I'm going to try my hardest to come back when you wake up. I will try everyday from today to come see you."
I took a shaky breath and continued. 
"Your so beautiful Kay. Your mum probably wants to see you now but if you can hear me now, I want you to know that I love you." Silence. My tears fell down my face faster and I stood up. I leaned down and kissed her forehead. I released her hand and walked up to the door. I looked back at her. 
"I love you Kay." I whispered and left the room. I went out to find Kay's mum staring at me with hate. I was confused. I furrowed my eye brows and she started talking. 
"I blame you for this. You left my daughter with her father! Why didn't you consider her and just yourself? You promised me that you would take care of her from day one. You broke this simple promise. I never want to see your face around her again because I will be protecting her now. Leave." She commanded. 
I had nothing to say back to her. Was she right? I looked at her with my red and swollen eyes. 
"I'm sorry." I said and left the hospital with no other words. I just left the girl I love in that hospital. 

~end of flashback~ 

Tears starting falling faster. I have to find her. 

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