Guide Lines & Tips

Comr on guys. Why do we always turn to the internet for advice? Can't blame you. I used to do it.
This is a book for guidelines for life. Girls and boys. Advice for both.
Tips for crushing, school problems, and anything else. Comment any questions and I'll give advice. Boys feel free to ask. Aldo I'm asking if a guy wants to help me a bit. Thanks.


3. Eleanor Calderxx✓


"Okay so my best friend is really popular at our school. We have our own little clique of girls, but usually because of our group problems get started. I'm not the type of girl who likes to talk bad about people or make fun of people but the girls in our group love to do that. They even talk bad about each other sometimes. I have talked to my best friend about it and told her that I don't think that we should hang out with them anymore because all they are going to do is cause problems for us. She keeps saying that we will and that she doesn't like them either but once she is around them if you didn't go to our school and you saw them together you would adimattically think that they were best friends. The thing is, is that she is like the leader of our group and loves attention. I don't really know what to do! So what should I say to her to try to convince her to stop hanging out with them? ( this is not a jealously thing. They really are mean girls and I'm getting tired of getting dragged into drama all the time... :/ ) Please help! :("

     BIG IDEA here is that your friend won't listen. What you are doing is the right thing. She doesn't liten to your warnings. It's good to be in the spotlight but she should want it all the time. In this situation I think you should have time with her but alone and really get it through her head. Listen sit her down and make sure she pays attention. Ask things like Don't you thibk they would start saying things about you too? Why wouldn't they?

     If they were good for you, they wouldn't be causing problems. Just let her know the truth. Don't try to make it all sweet. Say the cold truth. She just needs to understand to not put herself in the spotlight if it's going to have a negative effect on both of you. If she's your best friend then she'll listen to you more. If she disagrees keep your distance from the others but keep your friend. From what was said I feel like this is the stereotypical group of fake best friends of every school. Hun I she doesn't understand then just try to show her. Either way you know it's bad and if you talk more on the subject just maybe she will understand. Just keep your distance and try to ignore the clique of girls that is causing problems. You don't need more problems neither does your friend.

If you have anything that you want me to talk about again just comment and/or you can direct message me on twitter. @Neon_green99 

Thank you. xx


Jacky  ☪



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