Guide Lines & Tips

Comr on guys. Why do we always turn to the internet for advice? Can't blame you. I used to do it.
This is a book for guidelines for life. Girls and boys. Advice for both.
Tips for crushing, school problems, and anything else. Comment any questions and I'll give advice. Boys feel free to ask. Aldo I'm asking if a guy wants to help me a bit. Thanks.


2. Bullies


Song Recommendation: Are You Happy Now by Megan & Liz

      Trust me I know how it feels to be bullied. I know that sometimes you make yourself invisible to everyone. You maybe a person who likes to tell people their situations, were your "friends" can read you like an open book. Listen to me, if they put their dirty little fingers on you go tell someone. Don't let anyone touch or hurt you in any way. Just listen so you won't make any bad mistakes you may regret. I may not know you but I want to make sure you're alright. 

     If you get laughed at for sticking out, try you're best to stay like that. Don't fit in with everyone else. You are you're own person. They can judge however they want to but in the end it's you who's winning. You aren't the person faking to be someone you aren't. so let them judge. Don't turn your pretty little face to those haters who just want you to change and hurt you for their amusement. If you stick out find a person who will accept you if you don't have friends by now.

     Don't let anyone,I said anyone, touch you in a gross kind of way. When you let people hug you make sure their hands don't grasp your bum. Not right. If anyone touches your bottom I know I would slap them across the damn face.the only reason being is that I have my dignity. They might not see it cause they're still trying to find a way to keep their pants off their damn knees. Remember this might be taken as bullying to you but it is so yeah. If you ever get sexually harassed take it to the police and if you don't like talking to the police get a really close friend you know won't talk about it to anyone else. Have them come with you and tell the police what's happening because it's stupid to actually do that. To tell you the truth this is one of the things that pisses me off to the point were I would want to kill the guy. 


     Ok so bullying. If you get hate online. They're no one. Why care if they just hid behind a computer? They are a no one to judge you. Hate mail is the wors but keep thinking. Who are these people? Why do they want to judge me? Who are they top judge me? Why does it matter? Why should I care? There are people who kill themselves just because of cyber bullying. Why though? Statistics show that most of the counts of cyber bullying are from total strangers. Ignore those fake haters. Prove to them that what they say won't hurt you. 


if someone is hurting you don't hide it. Sometimes we have to be a snitch but for our safety. No matter how much they say and do let them dwell on the fact that they are just messed up people who need to get a life. Stay away from them and live happy and free of problems. 



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