love one direction

one morning i wake up with a phone call from a friend. She had won a competition to meet ONE DIRECTION for 2 weeks. When we get there i go all shy for the first couple of days.


1. getting the ticets

One day in summer i got a phone call about 10 in the morning from a friend. (annabel). She had called me because she had won a competition to meet ONE DIRECTION. she was screaming down the phone at me that she had won because she really wanted to meet them bet her mum wouldn't let her. So she asked me to go and of course i said yes because she is my best friend. So she told me what i needed to pack. The next 3 days went be really fast. The only thing she had not told me about this trip was that i was going on an airplane and i can't fly. so that was a bad flight.

 When we got there this guy was waiting for us and annabel started to get exited again. Well when we got onto the drive i started to get shy. When we went inside the house it was so messy you could tell that 5 young boys were staying there. They all said hi we are ONE DIRECTION. Then they said there names. LIAM, NIALL, ZAYN, LOUIS AND HARRY.

for the next week we just hung around the house until hary said that he wanted to go swimming with us on munday. Then i thought for a second wait harry that is tomorrow. Ok we will go swimming tomorrow if we get to go shopping on tuesday. The boys looked at eachother then nodded. 

monday we went to the beach me and annabel got a sun tan. The boys played in the water.

tuesday we went shopping and i got a cute top and a schurt. annabel got a blouse and a schurt.  

On wednesday we went for a meal for dinner(tea).

Thursday the boys helped us pack to go home 

And on friday we got on the plane back home Then we went to bed. 






sorry that is the end :( xxx

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