Life on the Run

When something happens to Bree's parents that they won't recover from, Bree and her two sisters, Gabriella and Aubrey, have to run away. Trouble always seems to find them when they are alone. When Bree get separated from her sisters she gets into major trouble. Will she be able to escape this trouble? What happens if she gets caught? Will they hurt her? Will anybody be able to help her? Read to find out.


6. Visiting

I shot up panicked, hitting my chest against the seatbelt, knocking the breath out of me. I gasped for air.

"Bree? Are you okay?" Niall asked startled.

I looked around the car and saw Harry, Aubrey, and Niall all staring at me. My hands flew to my stomach and I looked down. I sighed with relief when I realized that everything was fine and it was just a dream. I leaned back against the seat and closed my eyes in relief.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just another bad dream." I said nonchalantly.

"We're here." Niall's driver said. I looked out the window, just now realizing that we were in the city. We were even at Gabby's dorm already. Aubrey must've told him where to go.

I got out of the car, followed my Niall, Harry, and Aubrey. We went inside and walked around the halls for awhile.

"Do you remember what number her room was Aubrey?" I asked.

"Why would I? You were the one that wanted to come here." she said coldly, glaring again.

"Alrighty then." Wow, it must be somebody's time of the month. "I'm going to ask the lady at the front desk if she can tell me."

"You do that, Harry and I are going to walk around." Aubrey said.

Niall and I walked up to the desk and saw a very short, skinny brunette.

"Uh hi, could I get Gabby Foster's room number please." I asked politely.

Her head shot up and her eyes widened, she quickly composed herself, "Oh, you must be Bree. I'm sorry, uh, Gabby isn't available right now. She actually checked out, uh, an hour ago." She said tripping over each word.

That's strange, Aubrey said she had texted her and said Gabby was going to be here, and how did she know my name? "Okay, thanks anyways. We'll just stop back later." I told the lady as we walked back down the halls looking for Harry and Aubrey.

"Where did they go? We were apart for like 5 seconds. They couldn't have gotten that far!" I said in frustration. We were looking for Harry and Aubrey for a couple minutes when I heard a familiar voice coming from the other side of the door I was standing by.

"You can't do that! The cops will think it was you, are you crazy?!" Someone hissed quietly, it was Aubrey.

"Aubrey, are you in there? Who are you talking to? I thought you didn't know where Gabby's room was." I said confused, starting to get upset that she lied to me.

"Oh um, I was just, uh, talking to Harry. One of his friends goes here, this is his room." She stuttered.

"Then let me in, I can't find Gabby's room." I said reaching for the doorknob. I attempted to turn it but it didn't go anywhere. It was locked. "Aubrey, why is the door locked? You're not even going to let me in now?"

"No." She answered, but it wasn't who I thought It would be. I thought it'd be Aubrey, but it was Gabby.

"Gabby? What are you doing here? I thought you were gone. Can I come in?"

"I already said no." She responded.

"Why not? I just wanted to talk to you, I haven't seen you since, well you know." I said, stopping myself before I said it.

"I don't want you here." She said coldly.

"Fine then, I'm sorry I wanted to see you Gabby, to know that you are okay and that you aren't hurting. I'm sorry I care about you, my own sister. I'll just leave then, and don't be surprised if I don't show up again." I said, the tears pooling in my eyes.

"Okay." She simply said. "Oh, and Niall? Could you come in here for a second? Harry wants to talk to you."

Niall reached for the door knob after we heard the click of the lock unlocking. He slowly opened the door and peeked his head inside. He then opened the door wide enough so he could walk through and walked inside. He turned around and looked at me once he was inside, I was about to follow but then the door was slammed in my face. *click* And it was locked again.

"You guys! Let me in! This isn't funny! I'm going to leave!" I yelled really mad now.

"Go ahead." Aubrey spat back at me.

"Whatever, I'm going home." I said, the tears spilling over now.

"Oh, really? And where do you plan on going? You can't go to our house, we don't own it anymore. And I highly doubt the boys want you at their house. So, that leaves you with nowhere. Good luck with that." Aubrey scoffed.

"That's not true! Niall are you going to come with me?" I asked.

"l can't." he said, struggling for words.

In that moment I thought my heart stopped, "No, you don't want to. You could if you wanted to but Aubrey was right, you don't want me. I'm leaving. And don't bother calling me." I said, too upset to even cry.

"Bree wait! Let me explain!" he yelled through the door.

"No, Niall. I don't want to hear it. I'm done. You would rather be here with these guys so I'm not going to stop you. If this is what you want, then have it." I said and walked away from the door.

"It's not like that Bree! Just listen!" But it was too late, I was already running down the hallway, my tears blurring my vision. I didn't see the leg to the chair I tripped over until I was already on the ground scraping my hands and knees in the process.

"Miss, are you okay?" The skinny, brunette receptionist exclaimed running over to me.

"Get off of me!" I screamed at her without thinking. What did she ever do to me? Oh yeah, she lied about Gabby.

I got up off of the floor and ran out the doors. I flagged down the first taxi and told him to drive until I said stop.

"Lady, are you alright?" the taxi driver asked when I burst into tears again.

"Stop the cab!" I yelled and threw him some money as I opened the door. Can't people just leave me alone?!

"Ma'am, there's 50 bucks here." he yelled through the open window after me, but I just kept running. I ran down the street and into a little motel. I asked for the cheapest room which cost me almost the remainder of my small amount of cash.

When I got into the room, I locked the door and collapsed on the bed bawling. I was by myself. There was nobody to keep me company, or to protect me, or love me. I was really alone.

After about twenty minutes I started to calm down. I laid there just thinking about stuff when I heard my phone buzz. Sighing, I got up and found it on the floor. I picked it up and looked at it as it was still vibrating. Someone was calling me, it was Niall. Decline. I gasped when I saw that I had thirty two missed calls and twenty seven texts. Mostly from Niall, I deleted all of them without looking at them. But there was one text from Harry, it read:

'Meet me at Nandos at 7. We need to talk.'

I looked at the clock and it was 6:50. I knew Nandos was about a 10 minute walk from here and that if I wanted to make it I should leave now. Why shouldn't I go? Harry wasn't the on e who ditched me, yeah he was in the same room but he was there with Aubrey.

I started walking out the door when I realized that it could be a trap. It could just be Niall using Harry's phone to get me to go. I decided to go and I would just peek through the window, if I saw anybody but Harry, I would leave and come back to the motel.

As I was about halfway there, it started raining really hard. Damn U.K. weather. I stopped under a balcony just inside an alleyway to get protection from the assault of raindrops.

I looked down the alley for a second when I realized that there was a man standing about a block away in the alley. That wouldn't have been so weird if he wasn't standing there - solid as a rock - in the middle of the downpour, not looking for shelter. And also, he was staring right at me. We had an intense stare down for a few seconds when I started to get really creeped out. I decided that I would rather go out in the rain and get drenched than stand here with a possible psychopath.

I ran through the rain all the way to the restaurant. When I got there I stood under the canopy covering the front of the building, being sure not to stand in front of a window. I caught my breath then I decided to look in. I cupped my hands over the window so I could see better and looked inside.

First I saw the clock, it was 7:05. I'm late.

Second, I saw that the place was almost completely empty, strange. It's usually full at this time.

And last, I saw a blonde boy sitting at the bar section. I couldn't see his face because his back was to me but I was sure it was Niall. I looked around for Harry but I couldn't find him, I also couldn't see the whole place so I wasn't sure if he was in there or not.

I decided to make sure and call Harry. If the blonde boy picked up his phone when I called, I'd know that it was a trick.

I dialed his number and waited. It rang once, then twice. I looked at my feet waiting for an answer. I was about to hang up when I heard someone talk.

"Hello?" A thick Irish accent said. It could've been anybody, we were in Ireland. But I knew better. I knew who the owner of that voice was, and I also knew that it wasn't Harry's.

I looked up at the boy to see if he was on his phone. He was, and he was also standing up, looking at me.

I squealed, hung up, and ran.





Thank you guys so, so, soooo much for reading my story! I'm sorry this update took FOREVER! I just really have a lot going on in my personal life right now. I will try to have the next chapter up as soon as I can!

Also, if you could  be so kind as to check out my new movella, 'Abducted', I'd really appreciate it!


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