Life on the Run

When something happens to Bree's parents that they won't recover from, Bree and her two sisters, Gabriella and Aubrey, have to run away. Trouble always seems to find them when they are alone. When Bree get separated from her sisters she gets into major trouble. Will she be able to escape this trouble? What happens if she gets caught? Will they hurt her? Will anybody be able to help her? Read to find out.


4. Surprise

When I walked into my room I was half-expecting just a little bed in the corner with and a dresser, I didn't need much more. I was defiantly not expecting this. It was the room of my dreams! It had light grey walls, a diamond chandelier, an en-suite bathroom - which had a Jacuzzi bathtub -, a zebra comforter, a pink rug, and it had huge white, plush couch in the corner. It also had Marilyn Monroe pictures all over the place, on the walls, on the dresser, on my nightstand, everywhere. I love Marilyn Monroe!

"Oh my god. Oh my god! Oh! My! God!!" I screamed as I ran around my new room admiring everything. I jumped on the huge canopy bed and buried my face in my pillow as I screamed. I laid there for about fifteen minutes after I stopped screaming, trying to relax my breathing. Then I got up and walked to the door expecting Harry to be there. He was gone. I wandered down the hallway we came from and found my way to the living room. I saw somebody sitting in the couch with his back facing me, I knew from the blonde hair who it was. I ran over to him and practically jumped on him with my excitement.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much!" I screamed, hugging him.

"It was the least I could do." He said like it was nothing.

"No, the least you could've done was let me sleep on your couch for a week while I went out and found and apartment or something. When did you even do all of this?" I asked bewildered.

"Do you really think Harry could last through four hours of shopping if he wasn't hiding something?" Niall pointed out, a sly smile on his face.

"Well, I guess not." I laughed. "But how did you get it done so fast? We were only out for a few hours."

"Well, the boys and I, apart from Harry, did some researching, went out and did a little shopping, called some people and came up with this. I hope you like it." He added the last part nonchalantly as if he hadn't heard any of my screaming.

"Eh, it's okay." I added just as coolly watching his expression. That got something out of him.

He raised an eyebrow, "Okay? That's it? Are you serious?"

"Niall, you know I'm just kidding! I love it so much, thank you!" I jumped up giving him another hug. I pulled away from the hug, looking at him. "What do you mean you did some research?"

"Well, Aubrey was in on this too." He laughed.

I got up off the couch and ran up stairs, bursting into Aubrey's room without knocking. I was prepared to jump on her bed and hug the heck out of her but I stopped short when I opened the door and saw my sister and Harry laying on her bed, making out. They both looked up at me with the oh-shit-we've-been-caught look. I just gasped, composed my expression and turned around and left the room looking calm.

I was irrationally livid. How could she even do that? She's barely known the guy for 24 hours. I don't care if he's famous, we barely know them. But it didn't surprise me that they were all over each other. Aubrey brings home a new boyfriend every other week. I just wished they'd waited a little longer, gotten to know each other better.

I stormed into my room, knowing that they were right behind me, and I slammed the door in their faces.

"Don't come in!" I yelled through the door as they were knocking furiously. I don't know why I started crying, but I did. "I said go away!" I yelled as they knocked for about five more minutes.

"This is ridiculous!" I heard Aubrey exclaim. She burst into my room, coming over to sit beside me on my bed.

"I said leave me alone!" I screamed at her, looking at her for the first time. She saw my tear stained face as I got up and ran out of the room, I tried to keep my face down as I passed Harry in the hallway but I'm pretty sure he saw the tears anyways.

I ran down into the living room where Niall had a worried look on his face.

"Bree what's wrong? I heard the door slam and yelling and now you're crying-" He stopped as I walked into his outstretched arms.

I just cried for a couple minutes, into his chest, once again. Aubrey or Harry didn't bother coming down, I'd probably upset Aubrey by yelling at her like that and Harry was probably trying to comfort her. After I calmed down a little bit, Niall pulled away.

"What happened?" He asked softly.

"I know I'm over reacting but I cry when I get mad. And right now I'm mad and I'm upset and worried and I'm going to explode here in a second!" I exclaimed loudly throwing my hands in the air.

"Bree, are you going to tell me what happened or am I going to have to go upstairs and find out for myself?"

"Go ahead, you'll probably find them in the middle of another make out session, but be my guest." I muttered quietly. Not quietly enough.

"What?" he asked getting angry.

"I walked in on them making out." I whispered.

"Harry!" He yelled standing up. "Get down here right now!" He yelled getting even madder. "I told him not to do this." He said almost snarling.

Harry came down looking very sorry, and I got up. "I'll be upstairs." I said quickly leaving the room with my head down. I feel like a little kid who just tattled on somebody to get them in trouble, leaving before something was said against me.

I walked straight to Aubrey's room without even thinking about it. I needed to talk to her.

"Aubrey we need to talk." I said looking up.

"I don't want to talk to you." She snapped at me.

I walked over to her bed, sitting down with her. "Look, I'm sorry. I was just upset that's all, I just don't want you getting hurt."

"What do you care? You're just mad that I have Harry and you don't." She snapped again. Where was this coming from?

I gasped in shock, "Why would you think that? You know that I don't like Harry like that. I like Niall, I've always liked Niall and I'd never do anything to hurt him. I can't believe you'd think of me like that!" I yelled standing up.

She stood up too, "Yeah right!" She scoffed. "We all know that you like him, that's why you called him and nobody else when you were kidnapped. You could have called the police, your own sister, anybody, but no, you decided to call the one and only, Harry Styles. What are the odds of that." she said contemptuously.

"You don't know what happened there. You don't understand." I whispered almost inaudibly. Why was she talking like this? She is usually the bright and happy girl, the sister I always went to when i was feeling down. She's never talked to me like this before. By now I was aware of Harry and Niall standing in the door way, waiting for things to go too far. But I just kept my attention on Aubrey.

"Oh really? Enlighten me then."

"You really want to know?" I said, my voice rising.

"Yeah, I would like to know! I want to know why!" she yelled at me.

"Because I was raped okay? I was beaten and then I was raped!" Tears streamed down my face. "Harry was the first name I saw! I didn't have time to call anybody else!" I looked at her through my blurred vision from the tears. She didn't even looked like she believed me.

"Now you know, I was raped. Are you happy now?" I didn't even bother looking at her again as I ran past Harry and Niall, down the stairs and out the backdoor. I didn't stop running until I was at the back of the fenced in yard, I sat behind a big tree and hugged my knees.

It wasn't much longer until I heard the rustling of the leaves on the ground.

"Go away." I told them, not bothering to look who it was, it was probably just Aubrey coming to apologize.

They didn't stop though and they sat down beside me. I didn't turn to look who it was and I felt strong arms wrap around me. I recognized them by the cologne that was familiar to me now, it was Niall.

"Are you mad at me too? Because I called Harry instead of the police?" I asked still not believing that she'd say that.

"I'm sorry." He whispered ignoring what I said.

"It's not you're fault." I whispered back.

"Nobody deserves that Bree, I'm sorry that you had to go through that, that nobody was there to protect you. I'm sorry that you're so sad, I'm sorry that you got into that fight with Aubrey" He said looking at me.

"Niall it's done, it's over. I don't ever want to think about it again." I said tears started to well up in my eyes.

Suddenly, he leaned over and he kissed me.






Those are three easy things you could do to keep me writing!! Thanks!!


Oh My Gosh!! I just came up with the ending for this story, and let me tell ya, I think it's amazing! Now, I'm not even close to finishing the story but I just had to tell you guys that I already know the ending. I'm so excited for it! You're never going to guess what it could be! Okay anyways, bye!

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