Life on the Run

When something happens to Bree's parents that they won't recover from, Bree and her two sisters, Gabriella and Aubrey, have to run away. Trouble always seems to find them when they are alone. When Bree get separated from her sisters she gets into major trouble. Will she be able to escape this trouble? What happens if she gets caught? Will they hurt her? Will anybody be able to help her? Read to find out.


10. Leaving

"Harry, I'm sorry. I really am. I just, I was-" I tried to explain.

"Bree, I get it. You were confused. It's fine." He said stiffly and by the look in his eyes before he walked away, I could tell it wasn't fine.

"Ugh!" I yelled, sliding against the wall down to the floor. I rested my elbows on my knees and frustratingly buried my face in my hands. If anybody asks me what I'm doing, I will say I'm thinking.


"Bree? What are you doing, are you alright?" Another male voice asked. It wasn't Harry or Niall but I recognized the voice, it was Zayn.

"I'm fine. I'm just- I just can't take it anymore!" I yelled pulling on my hair, "Why does he hate me? I didn't mean to hurt him! I was confused! Why does he look at me like I just murdered somebody? I didn't mean to! It's been two weeks and he wont let me explain! He just cuts me off and leaves, I just want to talk to him about it and he just treats me like a pile of dust sitting in the corner!" I yelled, my frustration reducing me to tears.

Zayn quickly crossed the room and sat down next to me. Putting his arm around my shoulder he said, "Harry will be fine. Just give him some space, he will forgive you. He just tends to over-react sometimes and-"

"I'm not over-reacting." The husky voice came from the doorway. My head shot up and I felt Zayn's do the same.

"Harry I-" I was cut off again. Big surprise there.

"Bree, just stop! Stop making everybody feel sorry for you. Stop lying to get sympathy. Stop being such a drama queen-"


"I'm not done," he interrupted again, "I'm not mad at you, I'm just tired of you making up stories to make us like you. You aren't fooling anyone, except of course maybe Niall. Like you almost being raped in the club. Those men murdering your parents and then chasing you down until they caught you and raped you. And then they just let you go? Oh, sure. And then you had Niall's phone and you call me? Why would you call me, the person who probably likes you the least in this house. You are just another obsessed One Direction fan putting on this charade to get closer to us. It doesn't surprise me. We are pretty hot. You're not fooling me anymore."

"Harr-" he tried to cut me off again.


"No! I am talking! Stop cutting me off, stop talking! You are a complete asshole Harry Styles! I don't care if you like me or not anymore because honestly, I really hate you now. You think I made all that stuff up? How could I just fake my parents being murdered? I saw there dead bodies! I watched the life drain from them! And those men, they really did rape me and James, he let me go because he has daughters and he didn't want to do what he was doing! I called you because I thought you would help me, you are one of Niall's brothers! I could have called the cops but they never would have believed me. This isn't a charade. I would be happy sitting in my bedroom right now looking at a picture of you guys, knowing my parents are just outside my door. Knowing they are still alive and they are out there. I would take that any day over this! Do you think I asked for all of this to happen? I was happy at home, and now look at me. I can't go a single day without being upset. Upset that I'm alone, upset about what happened to me, upset that I hurt everyone around me. Did you not see me sitting there just a couple minutes ago? Crying because I hurt you, crying that I made you that upset? I'm sorry. I'm sorry about everything. If it makes you happy, I'll just leave. I won't come back. And this time, if you don't want me here, don't come for me." I was past crying, I was done feeling sorry for myself. "You can keep Aubrey, I don't care. If she makes you happy then whatever, have her. Just take care of her, please." I looked Harry in the eye and they were still as cold as ice, "Goodbye."

I walked towards the front door and somebody grabbed my arm.

"Bree, wait." They said.

"No!" I spun around to see Niall standing a foot away from me and everybody else in the house scattered throughout the room, "I am done! Just stop. Stop trying to make me stay, stop trying to make me feel wanted, just stop everything! I'm leaving, nothing is going to change my mind."

"Are you really going to let Harry say make you leave? I don't care what he thinks!" Niall exclaimed, "Bree, I lov-"

"Don't Niall. Bros before hos, remember? You should listen to Harry. He's right. I'm just another crazy obsessed fan. I faked the whole thing just so I could meet you guys. I'm sorry. Just please, don't follow me." I knew I was lying but it was the only thing I could say that would let Niall let me leave.

I looked at Niall and he looked crushed. But there was also a faint trace of anger in there. He was probably angry with me for lying, but he dropped his hand and let me go.

I turned around, opened the front door, and stepped outside. I closed the door and paused. I jumped and almost screamed when a loud crash came from inside.

I quickly bounded off the steps and ran down the street.





Hey guys, so I published a new Movella. It's called Hidden. Could you maybe check it out? I mean, you don't have to but, it'd be cool if you did. Thanks!

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