Life on the Run

When something happens to Bree's parents that they won't recover from, Bree and her two sisters, Gabriella and Aubrey, have to run away. Trouble always seems to find them when they are alone. When Bree get separated from her sisters she gets into major trouble. Will she be able to escape this trouble? What happens if she gets caught? Will they hurt her? Will anybody be able to help her? Read to find out.


8. A/N

Okay, wouldn't normally make an A/N take up a chapter but I just really want to apologize for disappearing off the face of the earth. It's been like two months since I last updated because I have had way too many things going on! Between trying to make it to school, and doctors appointments, and not being able to pay the bills, I just haven't been on. I've had doctors appointments like non-stop causing me to miss a lot of school -most of the appointments are out of town- they are eating up all of my money. I have nothing left to pay the bills with so I have only had internet since the 20th of December. I'm sorry, I will try and get this next chapter published ASAP!! But for now, here's a little sneak peak!




I heard a door open and close from outside of the bathroom. I heard the heavy footsteps get louder as they came closer to me, it sounded like they were running. I heard the jingle of the bathroom doorknob and managed to turn my head sideways enough, ignoring the searing pain, to see who was coming in.


The door burst open and in flew a familiar man. He was short and stocky, bald and muscular. His eyes scanned the room for a second until they fell upon me.

"Bree? What happened? Are you hurt?" He rushed over to me. He put his hands on my bare back and I tried to move away from him, all I could manage was a flinch.

I tried to scream, to let everybody in the hotel know that this man was trying to kidnap me again. The only sound that left my mouth was a groan.


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