Never Understand

My name is Maddy Madyson Petti, about two monthes ago I had a baby, Elyssa Petti, I had the baby with.... Harry Styles, yes THE HARRY STYLES. Long story short, it was a party her best friend, Hannah threw, that's where she got pregnant, Harry doesn't know because she is afraid to tell him because she might ruin his career, but when he finds out how will he take it?


2. Remember?

I waited for Liam to come closer, I tried to hide still so the security don't see me. Finally it was my chance, hes right there!


"Liam.... pst." I whispered

"hmm?" he looked around

"over here!" I yelled but quiet enough so no one else hears


"behind the bus idiot!"

He walked behind the bus

"Madyson?" he asked

"yes, can you get me to see Harry?" I asked him hoping he'd say yes

"are you sure?"

"yes, yes, I am begging you!"

"okay come on!" he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the front of the bus

"excuse me m'am!" the security said pulling me away from Liam

"No she is with me!" Liam said

"oh alright then sorry mam." he apologized

I just ran to Liam as we walked into the hotel

"are you sure?" he asked me again

"duh, that's why I am here!"

he opened the door.

"Liam? who is this?" Harry asked

"Harry? you seriously don't remember?" Liam asked him

"ummm, no."

"this is Madyson Petti"

"Madyson Petti? MADDY!?" he asked happily

"yeah its me, can I talk to you?" I asked him

"ya sure c'mon" he pulled me to the bathroom


"you have a daughter"

"what?" he asked unsure

"you have a daughter..... Elyssa"

He looked confused... then happy.

"REALLY WHERE IS SHE!?" he almost yelled

"y-your not mad?" I asked him

"no! why would I be. You know, I've always wished that I'd see you again, and now I have, but seriously...... where is she?" he asked

"with my mom at home"

"can I come? right now..... to see her?"

"yeah, sure, right now?"



     (at my house)

I opened the door  to my house, the lights were still on so that means my mom was still awake, but I don't know about Elyssa.


"yes hun, can you come get Elyssa, she wont go to sleep." I looked at Harry he couldn't stop smiling


"Harry?" my mom asked shocked

"yeah, nice to meet you Ms. Petti" he said as he went to shake her hand

"oh no! call me Ann"

"Ann? that's my mums name!"

"really?" I asked taking Elyssa out of my moms grasp

They hugged, then Harry looked at our daughter.... she looks just like him! Brown curly hair, green eyes, and she has his smile.

"you wanna hold her?" I asked him

"y-y-y-yeah" he stuttered

He took Elyssa out of my arms then held her

"s-s-shes beautiful....... like you" he looked at me, dead in the eyes

"oh, I'll leave you two alone, well three alone." my mother walked out of the livingroom

"M-Maddy, do you still like me?" he asked me, I don't know what to say

"of course I like you Harry, you my daughters dad"

"our daughters" he corrected me

"but why Elyssa? whered you get that from

"I don't know, it just came in my mind..... why you don't like it?"  asked him nervously

"no, NO! I LOVE it! its wonderful

He kissed her on the forehead then started singing to her

*isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful* he sang, and next thing you know she is past out.

"wow, first time THAT happens" I said

"well, I guess she knows who her dad is!"

I looked up at him, he slowly moved in, so did I, next thing, we were kissing

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