How Funny Life Can Be

Lirry is a 28 year old women who is just going through the divorce with her husbund she never thought getting rid of him would be this hard.


1. Day one

Lirry P.o.v

I woke up to the sound of Niam my six year old daughter singing at the top of her lungs i groaned and got up and went into my kitchen to make breakfast. Niam followed dressed in a blue tutu, her yellow leggings that have little orange stars on them and a pink t-shirt that had pikachu on it. Her hair she decided to do by herself as well they were in pigtails but one on the top and the other on the bottom in what seems like a poor attempt of a braid. i sighed and made her a bowl of cereal and fixed her hair my mind wondering, worring about this and that. "mommy?" Niam asked pulling me away from my thoughts "yes honey" i answered her "wheres daddy?" i took a moment to answer thinking quickly "he left for a long time" i answered. Which was sort of the truth, about a month ago my husbund decided that we needed a divorce and just packed up and left me here with Niam. We were together for 8 years it was nice for a little while then when Niam came it got a bit harder then when Niam didn't look like him things got complicated. Its July 10th i have a meeting and my striaght forward army brother is watching my hyper loud daughter this should be intresting. After i cleaned up Niams breakfast mess, I got changed as i walked out of my room the door bell rang. My brother was always on time. "hi come in" i told him as i opened the door, before he could my rottweiler Mitsukuni went after him. "heal" i demanded she did as i said she was my dog she hates about everyone even my husbund she kind of just tolerated him. my brother walked in after that "she's had breakfast lunch is at 12 and nap right after i should be home around 2 thank you so much" i told him as i grabbed my purse and keys.

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