how my life changed

It is about a girl named Katie her friend dragged her to a one direction concert. Her friend made her go to the meet & greet. There on her life changed


5. zayns pov

Cant believe her. She said.i.was a jerk face. And them she said he doesnt say goodbye to his girlfriend before he tried out for the x-factor. And then thats when it hit me. It katie. The one i.thought i was in love with but didnt even say goodbye to.her. omg jordyn sat there not knowing what was.going on. So i adked her if she knee. She said i said i dated katie and i left and tried for the x-factor without her knowing and i never said goodbye. She was shocked. I deserve to be called a jerk face. I need to find her to say sorry. I found her she was at a oark crying i walked up to her and said sorry. She didnt want to hear so i hugged and said i was sorry she hugged back and was crying. I told her i still love her. She said i never did stop loving you. Note. Sorry guys i know this chapter is short. I will update as soon as i can
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