how my life changed

It is about a girl named Katie her friend dragged her to a one direction concert. Her friend made her go to the meet & greet. There on her life changed


2. Zayns pov

We are eating dinner and this girls is staring at just. It is creepy she is not even blinking. I guess she was having dinner with a friend because her friend got all mad and yelled at her friend she said ""OKAY THAT IS IT I AM LEAVING BYE JORDYN AND I AM NOT GOING TO THE STUPID ONE DIRECTION CONCERT WITH YOU. TAKE SOMEONE ELSE PLEASE." Katie yelled.. I wondered why she hated us so much. But it is whatever. Naill how much food did you order. Do you really need all of that food. Harry stop flirting with that girl.  But i am back on that topic her friend is still here should i go and ask why her friend hates us so much. Im going to ask her. 

Asking Jordyn

Hi have a little question for you. Why does your friend hate One Direction so much. She replayed with she thinks that u are 5 teenage guys who are immature and thinks that the music is stupid and she doesn't like it at all. 

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