how my life changed

It is about a girl named Katie her friend dragged her to a one direction concert. Her friend made her go to the meet & greet. There on her life changed


4. katies pov

I can't believe what i just did to jordyn. And i did it in public. Im going back and apologizing, i feel really bad. And i did it why they were there. Jordyn knows only half the reason why i hate them.the other half is before zayn tried out fir the x-factor and became world famous i.was his girlfriend.and he.did not even say goodbye It made me really upset. And thats half of the reason i hate him. I mean who does not say goodbye to their long time girlfriend. I would have said goodbye to.him if.i.was.trying.out out for the x-factor. He didnt even break up with me. But i know we are done. He is dating that perrie chick. And who dyes their hair purple. God what does he even see in her. At the restaurant Great they are still here. I walk over to jordyn and she is talking to.zayn. why is she talking to.him. I. Walk over there and tried to stay clam But it was really hard. I walked.over their and said why are u talking to him She said katie this is zayn and zayn this is katie. I know who he is. And he is a jerk face who doesnt say bye to hos girlfriend before he tried out for the x-factor. Jordyn i came to say sorry to you. Because i was rude to you. And yelled at you in public.
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