how my life changed

It is about a girl named Katie her friend dragged her to a one direction concert. Her friend made her go to the meet & greet. There on her life changed


6. jordyns pov

So did THE ZAYN MALIK just tell me that he dated my best friend. He doesn't really seem like a guy she would go for. I could see her with Liam seeing how responsible they both are. she is always telling me she hates all of them and non of them were her type. I am so confused. Maybe i missed heard him. Sorry what was that? 

(so i kind of lazy to write out the full name, so J=Jordyn and Z=Zayn)

Z-love you all right you look kind of pale.

J-oh yeah i'm fine just trying to take in what you just said to me about Katie.

Z-okay i was kind of surprised she did not tell you

J- me too, i don't know what i am going to say to her about all of this


after i said that zayn said he was going to look for her.

i can not believe all of this.



Authors note  

so i totally forgot to tell you or show you what they look like









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