how my life changed

It is about a girl named Katie her friend dragged her to a one direction concert. Her friend made her go to the meet & greet. There on her life changed


8. chapter 8


Zayn’s POV

I stopped in my tracks and grabbed Katie’s arm. She whipped around “What?” she asked with a tone of annoyance. “I’m so..” “CUT THE CRAP ZAYN! I DON’T NEED YOUR SYMPATHY! Look I know that you only want what’s best for you, so just go, cuz clearly I’m not it.” She yelled, tears forming in her eyes. She starred at me for a moment before rushing away. “KATIE!” I yelled, but she didn’t move her head from the direction she was moving.




Katie’s POV

I hugged myself, trying to block the cold breeze. I tried holding back the tears, but it was no use. By the time I had reached the concert center again my eyes were red and puffy and I was nearly frozen to death. Waiting at the door for me was Jordyn. She rushed up to me pulling me into a hug, “are you ok Boo?” she asked in a baby voice. “Noooo” I whined hugging her again. “How about we just go home?” she asked. I pondered it for a moment. I could practically hear my bed calling for me. “You know what? I’m not gonna let that jerk ruin our night, even though I didn’t want to come in the first place, but im going to the concert and meet & greet, and im going to show him how strong I am” I announced proudly before walking inside with Jordyn

Note. my co-author 

 Nialler's_girl_forever wrote this chapter 

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