The Real Story (Harry Potter Fanfic)

So you've heard the story about harry potter and how he defeated Voldemort and all that... But you haven't heard the real story. The story of Harry Potters sister. The story nobody was aloud to tell, or even bring up until they absolutely knew the coast was clear. That Voldemort was gone for good. So I'm prepared to tell you about it. No one has ever had the guts to tell this story... until now.


2. Witch? yeah... right.

I didn't know why the man knew my name... And frankly, I didn't care. He was probably another doctor of some sort. "What do you want?!" I mumbled, angrily. Though he didn't seem fazed by this at all. Instead, he walked over and sat next to me on the couch. "I just want to talk to you-" He started, calmly, but of course I interrupted him. "Well I don't want to talk! All you doctors think you know what the heck's wrong with me, but you don't. I'm a freak and I know it, okay? I'm a freak and I will always be a freak. I'll never get adopt-" I continued to rant until the man put a calm hand on my shoulder. "Your not a freak." He said softly as he handed me a white handkerchief. I didn't take it at first, but he continued to hold it out to me until eventually I had to. "Yes I am..." I whispered. He looked at me for a second. "Why would you think that?" I immediately told him. Even though I didn't want to believe it, he seemed like someone I could easily trust. "... I... I can make things happen to people... when I'm mad." Of course he probably already knew that. "I can talk to animals..." I said in a softer voice. "And..." I chocked up and I didn't say anything else. I realized what I was telling him and I couldn't tell him any more. He would take me away to a mental hospital or something worst. "And?..." "and nothing." I muttered almost inaudibly. Though I think he knew I would say that anyways.

       After a while of sitting there in silence, the man spoke up. "My name is Albus Dumbledore."  He waited for a reply, but I didn't say anything. "What if I told you, I'm a professor at a boarding school. A school for people just like you." I sighed. "You mean freaks?" They were going to take me away. "No not freaks... You're a witch, Saphire." I looked up at him and laughed. "Okay... I know you think I'm mental. But you really think I believe in witches? I mean-" I stopped when I saw this albus... Dumbledore... Professor guy, pull out a long dark brown stick out of his pocket on the inside of his brown suit and point it at a stack of un sorted books. Before I had time to ask what the heck he was doing, he muttered something under his breath. My brain hadn't registered what had happened until a few moments later, when the books had hopped across the floor, flew over the coffee table in front of me, and slid on the carpet over to the book shelves where they put themselves back in alphabetical order. I blinked twice and rubbed my eyes. "Oh my god..." I muttered and looked up at him. "Okay... I might possibly believe you..." I said, still in shock.

     Dumbledore had started to talk to me about Hogwarts, which was the school the was the headmaster of. I still couldn't believe my ears. I had thought I was a total freak for 6 years. Never once had I considered being a witch. He had just mentioned someone named 'Harry' when something in his pocket had begun beeping. He pulled out a silver object and held it up. I couldn't exactly see what it was, but it seemed to be lighting up a bright blue. "I must leave now." He said standing up. "I will have someone escort you to get all of your school supplies tomorrow. You will stay with them over the weekend, they will show you to the train station three days after," He handed me a gold piece of paper. "This is your ticket to the hogwarts train. Don't lose it. I must go. "Wait! Who-" But he was already gone. "how..."

      I sat in my bunk bed. When I had gone back to the orphanage people had begun to shove me and yell at me because of what I had done to Jason. I had to run to my room that I share with 2 other girls to calm down. I didn't go down to dinner that night, and I didn't speak to anyone else. I stayed in my room and filled a duffel bag with all of my belongings. Including the gold ticket for the train to Hogwarts.


*Authors note- Alright, so I said I would add this chapter after I got 3 likes. But I was really excited for this... That's why posted a short chapter. So if I get one favorite or 5 likes ill post the next chapter, and I promise it'll be really long.

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