The Real Story (Harry Potter Fanfic)

So you've heard the story about harry potter and how he defeated Voldemort and all that... But you haven't heard the real story. The story of Harry Potters sister. The story nobody was aloud to tell, or even bring up until they absolutely knew the coast was clear. That Voldemort was gone for good. So I'm prepared to tell you about it. No one has ever had the guts to tell this story... until now.


1. Albus Dumbledore


“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new”


I walked into the orphanage cafeteria by myself, grabbed brown, mushy food and put it on my tray, and sat down at an old round table, by myself. As you can probably already tell, I’m a bit of a loner. Nobody at the orphanage seems to like me. Probably because I’m a ‘freak’ as they call me. Two years ago I had a lot of friends here. There was Terra and Isabelle. But now… I don’t know. They just hate me. I stuck my plastic fork into the mush. I could hear whispers and people laughing, probably at me. I sighed as I took a drink of my water, but choked when I heard someone scream.


A girl in the orphanage screamed out. I jumped quickly out of view of the window, pulling Ron after me. “oops…” I mumbled as we walked, behind the bushes over to the front. “Why are we doing this again?”  Ron groaned. Fred and George were waiting in the car for us, which may have been a bad idea to leave them alone. “She’s my sister Ron! I want to at least have seen her once!”  Ron sighed. “I know, but did we really have to take the flying car with us? Mum is going to freak out at us again if she finds out!” “You’re the one who suggested it!” I said, almost amused. We went to the larger brown doors and rung the doorbell “What are you doing?!” Ron yelled at me. “Wha- I- ringing the doorbell!” “Yeah? What are you going to say?! ‘excuse me, could we speak with sapphire potter? No, we’re not aloud to give you our names. We just need to speak with her.” “Well-“ I started. “Hello?” I spun around. Saphire… She of course didn’t look like she did in the very few pictures I had of her. She was a metamorphas. She had different colored hair in almost every picture I had of her. At the moment she had blonde, practically white hair that developed into a dark blue, to black color at the tips. Her eyes were a light blue. Her hair fell in perfect curls near her elbows. Though that wasn’t exactly how I recognized her. My eyes immediately shot up to her forehead. Her bangs mostly covered it, but I could still see the scar. It resembled the shape of a tear drop. She looked up at us confused. She was pretty short for someone who was eleven. “Um… Can I help you?...” She asked. “We’re looking for a girl named sapphire.” Ron said, sounding bored. I punched his shoulder, a little harder then I should have. “Ow wha-“ He looked over at her and back at me. “ohhhh” he said as if he also knew, just by looking at her. she narrowed her eyes at us. “MS. FRANNY!! SOMEONES HERE TO TALK TO YOU!!” she screamed down the hallway and started walking in the opposite direction. “Hey, wait!” called Ron. She sighed and turned around. “Do you need something? Because I’m really busy right now.” I could tell she was lying because she did the same thing I do when I lie, she brushed her hair out of her eyes and rubbed her scar. I guess I didn’t think about this all the way through. I had no idea what to say to her.


I stood there staring at both of them, awkwardly. They were starting to get on my nerves, though that was pretty easy. Seeing as I had a very short temper. I crossed my arms. “What?!” I asked, harshly. The red headed one looked shocked. “Well…-“ The one with black hair started, But just then, two identical red headed boys ran through the door I left open. They mumbled something in both of their ears and a look of realization crossed over both of their faces. “uh, never mind. We were uh… looking for our friend. But he’s not here. Bye!” Called one of the twins and they ran out of the foster home. I looked back at them, confused as they turned the street corner. I sighed and slowly shut the door. What was that about?... Well whatever it was, I didn’t reallt have time to think about it right now, did I? And no, I am definitely NOT talking about all of the homework due at our so called ‘school.’  What I’m talking about it that Jason Macallie is just so ‘happening’ to be walking over to me at the moment. I tried to ignore him, by playing with a thread on my sweatshirt. But of course he wasn’t going to give up that easily.

I tried to get him not to notice me and stared down at my feet. It wasn’t exactly that I was scared of him per say… I mean, I get beat up all the time by kids here. You get used to it… I was more scared at what would happen to him.

His footsteps didn’t make a sound on the carpeted floor. So, when he was past me, I was sure he kept walking… though of course I was wrong. I lifted my head up, just as he pushed me into the wall of the hallway. I fell to the floor, clenching my eyes closed. I’ve been trying to learn how to control what I do. But sometimes I just can’t help it. So I always try to hold on as long as I can and hope they just go away. Before I fell to the floor, he punched me in the stomach. My eyes flew open as I got all the air knocked out of me. When I looked up I saw the doors open again. Jason yelled something at me, probably an insult, but I chose to ignore it. It was easier that way. An elderly man with a silver beard walked through the doors. He didn’t seem to notice us at first. And I knew that Jason didn’t notice him. He wasn’t very bright, plus the doors were out of his range of sight (and yes, I realize it rhymes…)

Jason leaned over and punched me across the face. I made a small yelping noise, and that’s when the man looked over at us. I raised my head, surprised. It seemed as if I knew the man from somewhere… This thought was of course wiped from my mind when Jason kicked me, hard in the stomach. He yelled something that I’d much rather not repeat. That was it. I tried to stand up, but he punched me in the face again, and I fell halfway back down the wall. I looked up at him as he tried to punch me in the stomach again. Just before he did, I closed my eyes and  grabbed his fist by reflex, and when I opened my eyes, I realized what I had done. He had flown through the hallway and hit the wall on the opposite side. I covered my mouth with my hands and looked at his body. He wasn’t dead. I could see him breathing…But I had done it again. I heard footsteps and voices from down the hallway, coming closer. I hesitated once I realized the man had seen the whole thing. He was looking at me in surprise. Or maybe it was horror. Either way, I shoved past the man and ran down the sidewalk, not stopping. I didn’t realize my legs were taking me to the library. And frankly, I didn’t care.

I threw open the library door and walked through. I could feel blood and tears running down my face. Literally. I ran down to the basement to make sure no one would see me crying. The basement has all the old kids books and no one ever goes down there anymore. I threw myself onto the couch and pulled my knees to my chest, crying into them. I couldn’t take this. Why was I so much of a freak?... I’m not sure how long I sat there, but it was long enough. “Saphire?” Someone called softly. I looked up, surprised. It was the man I saw walk into the orphanage.


*Authors note*

Sorry the chapter was kinda short. I just wanted to see what everyone thought of it. Constructive criticism is deeply appreciated!! (Im not looking for any type of spelling or grammar mistakes.) Please comment and tell me if I should keep writing!! (I'll write another chapter after I get 3 likes.)

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