Chemistry {13+}

I met him in Chemistry class. We were partners.
But what happens when you put a goody-goody with a bad boy?
N/A: Thats for you to read and for me to write.
Will thet make chemistry?
Will she hate him for being a rebel?
All your answers will be answered when you read 'Lets Make Chemistry{16+}'


3. 3

Ally P.O.V **SKIP P.E** to **lunch** I CANT BELIEVE HARRY IS MY PARTNER FOR P.E AND CHEMISTRY!! ''Harry is staring at you,thats never good.''Heather said. ''Uh.Oh.Your next inline.''Crystal said. ''What do you mean 'next in line.'?''i asked. ''Me and Crystal were in that line.''Heather said. ''First.He flirts with you.''Crystal said. ''Second.He makes you feel loved.''Heather said. ''Third.He tries to steal your virginity.''Crystal said. ''Then.He moves on to the next girl.''Heather said. ''But,what is he changed?''i said. Then they both started laughing. ''He will never change.''They both said. ''Well,im going to ask him if he wants to hang out after school.''i said. ''Okay dont say we warned you.''Crystal said. I walked upto Harry. I tapped his shoulder. He turned around. ''Harry.''i said. ''Would you like to come to my place?''I asked. ''Sure.''he said smirking. ''4:00 Okay?''i said. ''Okay.''he said. ''Bye.''i said. ''Bye.''he said. Uh Oh! WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO!!
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