Chemistry {13+}

I met him in Chemistry class. We were partners.
But what happens when you put a goody-goody with a bad boy?
N/A: Thats for you to read and for me to write.
Will thet make chemistry?
Will she hate him for being a rebel?
All your answers will be answered when you read 'Lets Make Chemistry{16+}'


2. 2.

Harry P.O.V I am going to get Ally one way or another. She hasnt met the other side of me. ''The person next to you is going to be your partner for the rest of the school year.''mr.robinson said. YES!! That means me and Ally are partners. I always have a plan when i like a girl. But this time its defferent. My plan always too... One. become partners. Two. I will make her fall for me. Three. Steal her virginity. Four. I break her heart and move on to the next girl. But this time this is my plan... One. Become partners. Two. Make her fall for me. AND THREE. Love her. ''Class i got a call from the office that the class has to be cut short for today.''Mr.Robinson said. YES!! ''Whats your next period love?''i asked. ''P.E''She said. HOLY SHIT SO DO I!!! YES I GET TO SEE HER IN SHORTS!! Harry calm down.. *RING RING* The bell rang. I saw Ally run down stairs. Oh i have to tell you something... SHE LOOKED SEXY!! I saw her in her locker. Which was about 3 lockers away from mine.. I walked up to her and.... Ally P.O.V I was minding my own bussiness when.. I felt someones warm breath hit my skin. I gasped. Then i felt two strong arms around my waist. ''You know you want me..''said a boy with a deep raspy voice. Then i remember.. Harry. But he wasnt lying i want him. But he is NOT my type. He is a bad-boy, Im a goody-goody. It just dosnt mix. ''Babe i know you are thinking of me..''he said. HOW THE HELL DOES HE KNOW?!?! ''Im not Harry now get out of my way!''i yelled pushing him out of the way.. ''This isnt the last of me Ally!''Harry warned. ''Thank God thats over...''i said to myself..
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