Chemistry {13+}

I met him in Chemistry class. We were partners.
But what happens when you put a goody-goody with a bad boy?
N/A: Thats for you to read and for me to write.
Will thet make chemistry?
Will she hate him for being a rebel?
All your answers will be answered when you read 'Lets Make Chemistry{16+}'


1. 1.

Ally P.O.V Well hello there... My name is Ally Delgado. I have curly blonde blonde hair. And brown eyes. I am your typical goody-goody. Yes,im a virgin. Im not planning to have sex till i get married. I was already at my homeroom. I checked my schedule one more time. Next class chemistry. Room 211. Teacher Mr.Robinson. It wasnt long for the to ring. Oh sorry i was wearing blue skinny jeans and a red long sleeve shirt. I was only wearing chapstick and mascara. *RING RING* The bell rang. I ran down stairs as fast as i could. I went to locker. ''Hello my name is Heather are you knew here?''Heathwr asked as i nodded. ''Hey Heather wassup!''a girl said with black hair and brown eyes and black raybans. She was beautiful i wish i was her. ''Hey Crystal!''Heather said. She had O'mbre hair. (Its a kind of brown) brown eyes and a beautiful smile that can light up a room. ''Oh hi my name Crystal whats your name?''She said. ''My name is Ally.''i said ''Nice to meet you Ally.''they both said. CREEPY.. ''So whats your first period Ally?''Heather asked. ''Chemistry.''i said. ''Our first period is world history.''Crystal said. ''Bye we have to go world history is in the 3rd floor.''Heather said pulling Crystals hand. I got my chemistry notebook and textbook. And ran to room 211. I got to class on time. YES! ''Well hello there whats your name?''the teacher said. ''Ally Delgado.''i said. ''Okay you sit next to Harry.''he said ''Harry raise your hand please.''the teacher demanded. Harry raised his hand. He had curly brown hair and green eyes. He was cute. But not my type.. He wore a white botten shirt. Wich about 5 of them were unbottened. And tight jeans and short brown boots. I sat next to him. He started smirking. Thats never good... ''Hey babe whats your name?''he asked. HOW RUDE!! ''Ally.''i said. ''Hey there Ally well your a babe.''he said. WELL THATS RUDE!! ''You wanna come to my house and make chemistry?''He asked. RUDE.RUDE.RUDE! ''No i am fine.''i said. ''You'll see your gunna want like a 5 year old wants candy.''Harry said ''Never in your wildest dream Styles''i said. ''You'll see it will happen..''he saod smirking. That sentence worries me..
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