The book of the Tabelka

This book is about the Tabelka family which is a family of llamas. You will see how things were created in real life and how llamas really are... So if you want to find out read this book!


1. Kabisha’s cream money fortune!

Once upon a llama, there was a family named the Tabelka family.

They were very poor but they had one wealthy item…
They had a llama called Kabisha!

One day the Tabelka family were working in the BB field when SUDDENLY a teleportation device swooped in and landed on their father who was Mr Hubba Lubba Tallekba. He was getting crushed by the the machine! His daughter Lebbinshi, immediately fell to the ground where Hubba was and yelled ''offa ya!!'' Unfortunately she could not lift the machine from Hubba Lubba. Now she turned to Kabisha, the faithful family llama and said'' run Kabisha!! Go get help quick! I can see BB cream coming out of papa’s butt chelsea! HURRY!!!''

Kabish ran as fast as a llama could run...taking a shortcut, the heroic llama peed on a pencil and rubbed some freshly squeezed BB cream on it. Then it was time to call for help so Kabisha whistled and suddenly... in the distance

A gaggle of wild geese and a brood of chickens started to approach!!!
Kabisha naturally spat on them, and gave them magical powers!!!
Long story short, Kabisha and the now magical chickens and geese, ran as fast as they could all the way to Hubba Lubba for help.
And they lifted the teleportation machine off him!!! 

Hooray!!! Kabisha had saved the day!!!


Hubba Lubba survived, but his nose had grown abnormally, until it was the size of a potato!!!

But he was ok.
All of the BB cream was taken to their cottage and was stored in bottles made out of corn. Then the next day they sold the BB cream and made a fortune!

Sadly soon enough...Kabisha became very ill. He died from a heart attack while a goat with a blue butt was cutting it up and pouring salt in its cuts.

One day, the evil goat called Chicken stole the family business and now lives in a mansion in California. How sad. Now he is making a profit by selling the family's recipe for BB cream.
The end!


And that's how BB cream was created... 



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