Jeremy is very much in love with Lark, but she refuses to love anyone, especially not Jeremy. He tries to win her affections while dealing with other problems, while we find out more about Lark's past from flashbacks.


1. Lark

Five foot nine. Ice blonde hair, dyed with drug store bleach. Startlingly blue eyes. Her limbs are graceful, elegant- like a dancer's. Her blonde waves frame her face; her darker eyebrows bring out her pale, pale eyes. Her clothes consist of an old, ripped, oversized tee shirt she wears as a dress and a tattered pair of converse sneakers, but she wears more than that. She wears her confidence. She wears her strength like it is a diamond necklace given to her by a lover. On her face she wears the same expression she always wears, one of intensity. Her eyes are piercing. You do not want to be the recipient of a glare such as hers. She is too powerful. 

She does not smile. She never does. Smiling shows weakness, vulnerability, sympathy; traits which she is certain she does not possess. She is ruthless. She is ethereal. She is like no one you will ever meet. She cannot be pinned down, categorized. She will not allow it. 

She is beautiful, though she never acknowledges it. She is an angel, an angel on Earth. 

Her name is Lark. Lark Fielding.  An ironic name, if you ask me, because there is no way Lark would want to be associated with anything like the small songbird that is her namesake. She refuses to recognize fragility. But when I think about it, maybe her name isn't so ludicrous. After all, whenever I see her, my heart flutters like the tiny bird's wings, and I feel like singing. 

Because I, Jeremy Teague, am very much in love with her.

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