What is on the other side of your window?


1. Pasco

My family and I recently moved across the country for a better life. My 8 year old daughter was being harassed by her own teacher. Not physically, just verbally. She would say thing a child did not need to hear. The good thing was it wasn't going on for very long, since the school year barley started. We found out because it was Emily's birthday. We decided to surprise her and her 2nd grade class with Cupcakes and Capri Sun. We expected a happy class and a smiling teacher. What we got instead was a silent class, an angry teacher, and one toddler standing in a corner as her teacher screamed at her that she was useless.


When we walked in, the teacher turned around and instantly turned a bright red. She was caught. According to my daughter, that was not even close to the first time that had happened. Thank God we found out about this at the beginning of the school year. Who knows what that woman could have done to my poor child. It was because of this that we decided to move to Washington.


We settled in a small town called Pasco. Luckily, we were able to rent an apartment room right in front of a small school by the name of 'Rowena Chess'. This way if my child had any troubles there, we would only be across the street.


The apartments were a dark bluish gray, and were no nicer on the inside. They were old and smelly. The people below us were straight up Mexicans and played music throughout the weekend louder than they needed to. Don't take me for some sort of racist, I have a lot of good Mexican friends. It was do-able, though. As long as Emily and Christina are happy, I'm happy. Christina didn't seem to mind too much though.

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