What is on the other side of your window?


4. Insane

The next Morning, I awoke even later than the night before. It was 4pm once I was awake. I was about to run outside because I had forgotten to pick up Emily until I opened my bedroom door. One quick look and I saw that she was in the living room eating cereal and watching television. Right...she lives right across the street from school. I sighed, relieved, and walked over to Emily and listened to how fantastic her day was again.


All day I thought of the silhouette. That man...I couldn't see his face, but I wasn't sure if he was friendly or not. I decided not to tell anybody about it, because after all, I was underneath a ton of stress, so I could have imagined it all. But I didn't. Because that night, the same thing happened. And so it did for about another week. I couldn't take it. He just stood there, and that's it. He did nothing else!


The next day I had to listen to my daughter again. This time she mentioned her teachers name. She says before, all she called her was "Miss". Turns out her name was Mrs. Blackwell. She also told me that she drew a picture of our family. Apparently, it was so well drawn, the teacher taped it on the outside of their door so that everyone that walked by could see it. She was pretty excited. I mean, I guess I would have been too, but I'm not a kid anymore.


Although every night I peeked out of the screen door to see that man, this particular night he was not. At least not at first. Once I stood outside, He was there. I know I wasn't imagining it this time when he moved. It wasn't much, but he shifted a little bit. I was shocked. He had never seemed to move until now. Over the week, I came to a conclusion that it was just a poster shaped like a man, but it moved. It couldn't have been the wind because he slowly moved out of my vision. He moved until he was invisible from sight. I couldn't take it. Somebody was there, and I had to find out who. Who was it?!


Crossing the street was a bad idea from the start. Especially with a hatchet in my hand. I pulled on the front doors and of course, they were locked. I looked around to make sure nobody was looking and smashed the huge windows on the doors. Simple enough. I made sure no glass was left on the edged before squeezing in. When I was inside the school, I tried to memorize where exactly the room was. After a long search, I found it. The second to last room of the hallway. I ran to it trying to keep my footsteps quiet. Before I opened the door, I had realized what I had just done. I had broken into a school, I was trespassing, I was in trouble. I was about to turn around and leave when I thought to myself that i didn't make it over here for nothing. I was here, now was the moment. I had to see what was inside this room.

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