Don't Let Me Go

I desperatley waited for the bell to ring. It was almost time to leave school, but all I heard coming from the speakers was "CODE RED"! Everyone got out of their seats including me, and headed to lean to the walls. Without making a sound everyone just looked at each other. Code red was when an unknown person entered our school to hurt people. I could only hear evryone's breathing until "BANG"! Our classroom door open! Everyone screamed as we saw a guy with a gun. Everyone started to run in different directions as the guy shooted randomly. I tried to run out through the other door but, my foot got stuck between a desk. The last thing I saw was that guy taking me out of the class, while everyone else screaming my name, "Lauren"! And then, I saw black...


6. Wow

Lauren's P.O.V

  Harry. Freaking. Styles, is here! I just cant believe it it's a dream come true! I can't even breath at this moment. It's like a dream, and I dont want to wake up from it. Im so in love with him, but he would never be attracted to him. Im just something inOne Direction's way! Ugh! Why or how did I end up here? Can't believe it yet!

              I walked into the living room, and sat on the sofa. Their was this really akward silence in the room and the worst, you could feel the tension in the air. We all made moves but with no words this was really weird, so I decided to break the silence.

   "Umm... This is weird don't you think?" I broke the silence.

   "Wh-What do you mean with weird?" Niall questioned.

  "You know what I dont know what it's weird, I just want to do something and well this is a bit weird for me to have to ask permission to Liam."

   "Well, Lauren as I am in charge of you for a while, well let's see what can we do, hmm... we can go to the movies?" Liam asked.

    "Yes!" I shouted.

     I stood up as quickly as I could. I didn't have to change clothes, because I still dont have anyother clothes, which feels akward and dirty. We got into Harry's car as he drived it was silence... again. Though, I felt someone staring at me, I caught Harry staring at me through the mirror. I quickly looked away as I felt my cheeks burn.

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